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An extreme close-up of Norman Reedus, who plays the main character in upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, "Death Stranding".

One photo perfectly captures the absurd technology used to turn real people into video game characters

How do you convert real-life human Norman Reedus into an extremely accurate digital version of Norman Reedus? With a lot of cameras!
Steve Jobs

Legendary game developer John Carmack explained what Steve Jobs was really like: a hero/jerk ‘roller coaster’

Legendary game developer John Carmack has been thinking about Steve Jobs lately, and about his topsy-turvey relationship with the Apple legend. He shared several stories of what working with Jobs was really like in a Facebook post on Monday.

Bungie director Luke Smith on ‘Destiny 2’: Our goal is to ‘unhide the fun’

Luke Smith, game director on "Destiny 2," sat down with Business Insider to discuss what he and the Bungie team learned from the first "Destiny" game.

Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan talked to us about ‘Titan,’ the yearslong game development failure that never saw the light of day

In an interview with BI, Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan discusses the cancellation of "Titan," an MMO he worked on for years before abandoning it to make "Overwatch."

Nintendo’s programmers reportedly booed this one part of the best Mario game

When developing the classic Nintendo 64 game, "Super Mario 64," Nintendo's programmers were forced to compromise in a way that resulted in booing.

The creator of ‘No Man’s Sky’ wrote a heartfelt note to fans — here it is

Game development is incredibly stressful, as evidenced by this heartfelt letter from Sean Murray, the creator of "No Man's Sky."

This chart shows how far away virtual reality still is from reaching the mass-market

Game developers think it'll take another 15 years for VR/AR devices to reach 40% household adoption, the penetration rate of gaming consoles in North America.

Virtual reality is already more popular than Nintendo to this one critical audience

More developers at this week's Game Developers Conference said they were building for virtual reality than for the

If you want to make video games for a living, get ready for long hours and a lot of unpaid overtime

Almost 40 percent of game developers work unpaid overtime, says IGDA Executive Director Kate Edwards, and that contributes to lack of diversity.