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Nintendo is bringing back its classic NES controller for the Switch, but now it’s wireless — take a look

With Nintendo Entertainment System games now available on the Nintendo Switch, the Japanese gaming giant is planning to release wireless NES-style gamepads for the first time ever.

Microsoft’s Xbox One is getting a truly bizarre-looking controller with two giant buttons — take a look

Microsoft's Xbox One is getting a new gamepad with two giant buttons — part of the company's push toward accessibility, it seems. The controller hasn't been officially announced, but the leak looks legit.

A $25 accessory fixes the biggest problem with the mini Super Nintendo

The new, miniature Super Nintendo is an amazing little package — but these wireless game pads make it way better.

Nintendo’s new console has a bizarrely named controller — here’s why

It's two words together, which make a portmanteau.

This $20 gamepad solves the biggest problem with Nintendo’s new $60 console

The new, $60 NES Classic Edition is, by most accounts, an amazing little device. But it has one huge problem: an incredibly short controller cable.

The 3 coolest things about the new, slimmer PlayStation 4

Sony hasn't actually announced the console, but we know all lot of this stuff about it because one gentleman was already able to buy one.