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Over 45 million people play Fortnite, as of May 1.

What it was like to play Fortnite for the first time

Fortnite is a third-person shooter video game where you battle with 99 other players from around the world — and the last one standing wins. Over 45 million people play the game, so I decided to give the hottest game of the year a try. Here’s what it was like to play Fortnite for the first time.

Here’s the completely neurotic method I use to save loads of cash on video games every year

I rely on a combination of apps, Twitter accounts, and websites to find the latest and greatest video game deals. Here's my method.

Apple and Valve, which run two of the world’s biggest stores for buying video games, are feuding with each other — and iPhone users could ...

Apple has an iron grip on the App Store. Case in point: Valve, which operates one of the biggest platforms in the world for buying and playing PC games, says Apple won't let its new app into the App Store because of "business conflicts."
YouTuber John Peter Bain, known as Totalbiscuit, gives an interview in October 2017.

TotalBiscuit, one of the gaming world’s most popular YouTubers, has died aged 33

John Peter Bain, known online as TotalBiscuit, amassed more than 2 million subscribers on his YouTube account with a cynical take on the gaming world. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2014.

The next big ‘Battlefield’ game returns to World War II and makes some major gameplay changes — here’s what we know

"Battlefield 5" is the latest entry in the long-running "Battlefield" series. It's scheduled to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 19.

Two years later, I still play ‘Overwatch’ every day — here are 7 reasons why I can’t stop

More than ever, Blizzard's smash-hit team shooter "Overwatch" feels like a living work of art.
An extreme close-up of Norman Reedus, who plays the main character in upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, "Death Stranding".

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are about to go head-to-head at the biggest gaming event of the year — here’s what to expect

At E3 2018, Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One are competing directly for your attention. Here's what we know so far about the biggest game show of the year.

Fortnite’s latest rare feature was added by accident

Some players of the popular battle royale game were greeted with a game-changing feature, but it was removed once developers realized the mistake.

The PlayStation 5 won’t launch until at least 2021

Waiting on the PlayStation 5? It may be awhile — Sony says there's at least another three years until a new PlayStation console arrives.

‘Fortnite’ just got a huge new addition: Jetpacks!

In the latest "Fortnite" patch, the world's most popular game got a major new addition in jetpacks. Yes, you can shoot while flying. Stop wondering.