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Democrats have reportedly drawn up plans to slap big tech firms with privacy laws similar to GDPR in the EU

In a document obtained by Axios, Democratic senator Mark Warner outlined ways of introducing more regulation for big tech companies in the US. Warner suggests that making laws similar to the EU's GDPR regulations could be one way of improving privacy rules.
Facebook growth is going backwards.

Facebook’s active user growth went into reverse for the first time, and the worst is yet to come

Facebook has seen a decline in users for the first time in its history. Any decline is significant and bad news for a company generally considered to be a rocket ship of growth. But what should cause some alarm is where the decline happened — because it's only going to get worse.

Silicon Valley made a big deal about obeying GDPR, but a study shows the policies of firms like Facebook are ‘vague’ and ‘insufficie...

A new study from a European consumer group has found that tech companies, including Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon, are falling short of properly obeying new EU privacy rules.
Mobile companies, tech firms, and internet providers all have access to your metadata.

‘Europe will become a digital backwater’: there’s a new war over online privacy and metadata in Europe right now

ePrivacy has the potential to have a bigger impact than GDPR because it places controls on the metadata that companies collect.
Giovanni Buttarelli, the European Data Protection Supervisor.

EU privacy watchdog: Big tech firms are ‘blackmailing’ users into agreeing with their new data terms

Giovanni Buttarelli said that his office will examine tech firms' take-it-or-leave-it approach to data consent, which are already the subject of a complaint by Austrian data activist Max Schrems.
Kim Kardashian has 111 million Instagram followers.

Instagram says it tracks how you tap and scroll inside the app

Instagram is asking all its European users to agree to its updated terms and conditions, and anyone who goes through it might notice one strange update: The company is tracking the way you tap and scroll through the app.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg said the ‘vast majority’ of people actively opt into one of Facebook’s most invasive features

This is the week that Facebook ought to be dreading, when European legislation gives millions of its users the power to say "No thanks" to the social network's most invasive data gathering features. But according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, most people don't care.

How to download everything Apple knows about you

Apple updated its privacy policy on Tuesday, partially in response to new European privacy regulation. It includes a new tool that lets you easily download all the data that Apple has about you.