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JPMORGAN: Investors are ‘underestimating the severity of challenges and underlying risks’ at General Electric

General Electric shares fell 6% after JP Morgan downgraded the stock and accused investors of being too bullish.
Tony D'Amato gives a speech to his team in the movie "Any Given Sunday."

General Electric analyst channels ‘Any Given Sunday,’ says company’s turnaround is a ‘game of inches’

General Electric's turnaround is a "game of inches," according to an analyst who referenced the football movie "Any Given Sunday."

GE is showing a 27-inch voice-activated ‘kitchen hub’ smart screen for above the stove that can walk you through recipes and make video ca...

The kitchen is the new living room in many homes, and GE's Kitchen Hub seeks to capitalize on that by offering entertainment and video calls.

GE shares jump after report says Apollo is considering a bid for its huge jet-leasing business

Shares of GE rose nearly 4% in after-hours trading on Friday following a report Apollo was considering making a bid for its jet-leasing business.

GE Healthcare just filed a confidential IPO, kickstarting a spin-off that would create one of the world’s biggest health giants

The industrial conglomerate is said to be working with Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan, and Morgan Stanley on its IPO plans.

GE’s tumbling bonds are highlighting a bigger problem at the fallen giant

Formerly one of the US's major companies, GE's fall from grace has been stark. Investor confidence is shaken and the company's bonds are taking a hit.
How were they to know she wanted the job? Beth Comstock pictured.

A former GE exec who trained new managers found that almost all of them were making the same mistake

Beth Comstock, a former General Electric executive, noticed that most of the new managers in her seminar were waiting for permission to try something new and innovative. So Comstock would hand out "permission slips" that authorized people to take risks at their job.
"What can I learn?" Beth Comstock pictured.

A former GE and NBC exec was fed up with her domineering coworker until she asked herself a question that made him tolerable

Former NBC and GE executive Beth Comstock once had an annoying coworker who constantly talked over her. But instead of waiting for him to change, she shifted her own mindset to what she could learn from him about working smarter, not harder.
"I realized I was being felt out." Steve Jobs and Beth Comstock pictured.

‘It was all very Jedi’: Former GE and NBC exec Beth Comstock remembers what it was like interviewing with Steve Jobs in 2005

Steve Jobs, cofounder and CEO of Apple, interviewed former GE and NBC exec Beth Comstock for a job in 2005. "It was all very Jedi," Comstock says. Jobs then made her two different offers, which she declined.

GE pops after laying out the details of its new CEO’s contract

General Electric shares rallied Friday after the company said new CEO Larry Culp's contract is linked to how the stock performs.