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A graduation cap on a car.

20 facts about the class of 2020 that will blow your mind

Texting is older than both the high school and the college class of 2020.
The oldest members of Gen Z are facing uncertainty.

The class of 2020 on what it’s like to face down crumbling colleges, a frozen job market, and COVID-19 disrupting your entry into adulthood

High-school seniors are unsure what campus life will look like. College grads are entering a paralyzed economy. But Gen Z is ready for a fight.
Tyah Amoy-Roberts, co-founder of March For Our Lives.

We’re the cofounders of the March For Our Lives. The threat of gun violence has plummeted at schools — but it’s risen at home.

March was the first month in 18 years the US hasn't experienced a school shooting. Meanwhile, gun purchases are up by nearly 85% since 2019.
Grant Colvin wrote his college application essay on pandemics.

Read the college application essay a high-school senior wrote on the dangers of pandemics — before coronavirus hit the United States

He wrote that "future pandemics are inevitable in an increasingly interconnected and urbanizing world."
We might see more independent learning in post-pandemic classrooms.

The coronavirus pandemic is creating 2 major problems in education, but there aren’t as many downsides as upsides

The pandemic is further exaggerating education's socioeconomic divide. But an increase in tutoring and adaptive learning may help change that.
Part of the Students for Hospitals team.

We’re a group of high school students who make face shields for healthcare workers. Here’s how we do it — and why we got starte...

"My mother is a registered nurse at Kaiser, and it was difficult for me to watch her ask for donations on the Internet due to a lack of PPE."
The oldest members of Gen Z are seeing their lives upended during a pivotal life stage.

The pandemic is slowing down Gen Z’s futures, but they actually have less to worry about than other generations. A psychologist explains why.

Jeffrey Arnett, who coined the term "emerging adulthood," says Gen Z is having an emotionally difficult time but thinks they'll "shrug it off."
Generation Z is worried they'll end up like older millennials if the United States enters another recession.

Because of the pandemic, Gen Z will likely see its mental health deteriorate even further — and social lives will get even more insular

A generational expert says that even before the pandemic, Gen Z was spending a lot of time at home and not getting as much face-to-face socialization.
Gen Z is walking into a grim economy.

It might take up to 15 years for the class of 2020 to catch up financially, but a recession expert says there’s an upside to graduating right no...

Recession graduates tend to job hop to play financial catch-up, which makes them more flexible and helps them advance their career more quickly.
Students at the University of Colorado Boulder during a graduation party amid the pandemic.

Photos show seniors at the University of Colorado Boulder throwing a graduation party replete with beer pong and crowds of people one day before stay-...

Seniors at the University of Colorado Boulder held at least six off-campus parties of 20 or more people Thursday during a stay-at-home order.