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Only one-third of women in Gen Z report feeling optimistic about the effects of technology on society.

Gen Z women are less likely than millennial women to want to be reachable at all times, and it might be a sign of ‘tech fatigue’

Gen Z women are less optimistic about technology's ability to positively impact them than millennials, according to a new study.
Teens love Nike.

Nike was crowned teens’ favorite clothing brand for the ninth year in a row — here’s why Gen Z can’t get enough

Nike dominated in Piper Jaffray's semi-annual survey of teen shopping habits, receiving top spots in favorite apparel and footwear.
The North Face wants to win over Gen Z shoppers.

The North Face is teaming with YouTubers and Supreme to up its cool factor — and Gen Z is taking notice

We took a look at how The North Face is trying to win over Gen Z shoppers, including teaming up with influencers and brands like Supreme.
Gen Z shoppers have soured on Victoria's Secret.

Teens reveal the 16 clothing brands they’re ditching

Piper Jaffray released its latest survey on the shopping habits of Gen Z and found 16 brands falling out of favor among male and female consumers.
48% of teens said they typically prefer healthy snacks.

Teens’ favorite snacks are mostly chips and cookies, even though almost half of those surveyed say they prefer healthy snacks

Teens see themselves as more health-conscious than ever, but their 10 favorite snack brands include chips and cookies like Lays and Oreos.
Find out where Gen Z loves to shop most.

Teens reveal their favorite clothing brands

The top 10 brands that US teens can't get enough of, according to Piper Jaffray's semiannual survey of teen spending habits.
Forever 21 launched a Cheetos-inspired line of clothing.

Forever 21’s downfall happened when it failed to win over Gen Z, experts say

Forever 21 hasn't been the brand of choice for Gen Z, which is largely concerned about sustainability and social issues.
Students gather at Foley Square in Manhattan's Financial District.

12 Gen Zers who skipped school to march across New York for the Global Climate Strike share why this is the most urgent issue of their generation

An estimated 250,000 demonstrators gathered at Manhattan's Foley Square on Friday for the Global Climate Strike — and most of them were Gen Zers.

Goldman Sachs did a massive survey of its Gen Z interns and found they like pot, but ignore influencers

Goldman Sachs found some surprising results about how the bank's 1,800 elite Gen Z professionals view life.
9/11 is the event dividing millennials and Gen Z, says an expert.

Gen Z started building wealth earlier than millennials, and an expert says 9/11 is the main event that divided the 2 generations and their views on mo...

The youngest millennials and Gen Z are divided by the fact that Gen Z does not remember 9/11, according to an expert on millennials.