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Barnard's campus.

Students at a small college in New York City voted to divest from Israel — and they made a big mistake

Opinion: Israel has a stellar record on gender equality, yet this women's college voted to divest from companies that do business with the state.
Sadie Samuels, a lobster fisher in Rockport, Maine.

One chart shows how much more men make than women in 25 major cities

In 2018, American women earn approximately 19.5% less than their male colleagues. But that percentage varies widely by race and location.

Women still make up a minority of leadership positions at the biggest tech companies

Recent data suggests that women make up less than 50% of leadership positions at companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google.
Demonstrators march down famous Istiklal street during a rally for International Women's Day on March 8, 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The worst countries for women around the world

To track the world's progress toward gender equality, the World Economic Forum created the Global Gender Gap Index. Here are the countries that fare the worst.
Tech startups in China are hiring "programming motivators" — women who socialize with male workers, give massages, and cover other responsibilities.

Some tech startups in China are hiring women who are taller than 5’2” and wear makeup to socialize with male programmers and give them mas...

In China, tech startups hire female "programming motivators" to keep their male workers happy. The women are chosen based on their physical attributes, and their responsibilities include socializing with male workers, giving them massages, and buying them breakfast.

Money management needs more women

CEO explains why gender parity is a necessity and how executives can help achieve it
"It wasn't just the right thing to do — it was the smart thing to do," Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said during Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit.

Years before becoming Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau recruited women into politics so he could stack his cabinet with them once elected...

Justin Trudeau actively recruited women into politics for years in preparation of becoming the Prime Minister of Canada.
You won't have to answer questions about your previous salary in these cities and states.

9 places in the US where job candidates may never have to answer the dreaded salary question again

Cities and states in the US are banning employers from asking for candidates' salary history, as part of an effort to eliminate the gender wage gap.

Ivanka Trump supports ending an Obama-era equal pay initiative

“Ultimately, while I believe the intention was good and agree that pay transparency is important, the proposed policy would not yield the intended results."