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Boris Johnson leaves his home in London.

Polls showing a Boris Johnson victory are at odds with the more obscure indicator that predicted Theresa May’s defeat in 2017

The GfK Consumer Confidence Index has fallen over the last month. Last time it rightly indicated Theresa May would suffer, when others predicted glory.
Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson surrounded by Lib Dem MPs.

Boris Johnson could lose seats to a resurgent Lib Dems who have built up their largest election war chest ever

The anti-Brexit party has raised record amounts in a bid to defeat Boris Johnson's Conservatives and Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party at the next election.

Singapore’s electoral boundaries committee formed ahead of next general election

This is typically the first step leading to a general election.
Boris Johnson

Rumours are mounting that Boris Johnson is about to call a snap election

The Chancellor is to unveil the government's spending plans week before originally planned, triggering fresh speculation of an election this autumn.

A general election could be on the way after DUP threatens to bring down Theresa May

The Democratic Unionist Party is reportedly prepared to put Jeremy Corbyn in power in order to kill Theresa May's Brexit deal.
(left to right) Ruth Davidson, Neil O'Brien MP, Douglas Ross MP, Kirsten Haire MP and Onward Director Will Tanner.

The Conservatives are ‘sleepwalking into opposition’ warns former Theresa May aide

Speaking exclusively to Business Insider, Theresa May's former Deputy Head of her Policy Unit Will Tanner said that the Conservatives were "sleepwalking into opposition" as centre-right thinkers have "run out of steam".

Man cannot forget ‘sweet’ and ‘kind’ female he met during Malaysian general election – three months later, he decides to...

Unable to forget a female stranger he met three months ago, a man places an ad in the newspaper to reconnect with her.
Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May

Why Britain’s towns could help Theresa May win a snap general election

Britain's towns will decide who wins the next general election. The Conservatives and Labour were neck and neck in small to medium-sized towns at the recent local elections, research published on Tuesday shows.
Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Russian Twitter bots tried to swing the UK election for Corbyn, investigation claims

The investigation found 6,500 Twitter accounts run by Russian bots masquerading as English women.