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Teen are ditching Facebook, according to a new survey conducted by Business Insider.

Gen Z says Facebook is the number one social-media platform they’ve abandoned

A survey conducted by Business Insider found that teenagers and young adults are moving away from Facebook.

A majority of Gen Zers say they’re not likely to buy cryptocurrency anytime soon

More than 52% of teens surveyed by Business Insider said they were not at all likely to purchase cryptocurrency in the next six months.
Teens are making money flipping clothes online.

Gen Z is fueling the growth of a new breed of secondhand selling apps

Experts say that US teens today are more thrifty and more entrepreneurially minded than their predecessors.
Young people love Instagram, and they're savvy about their audience.

To beat Instagram stress, some teens are juggling multiple accounts on the image-sharing social media platform

"Finstas" are a way for young people to blow off steam, post funny memes, and truly be themselves on an image-based platform like Instagram.

The idea that Gen Z is killing malls could be a myth

Gen Z teens and twenty-somethings still shop and hang out at the mall, according to a recent survey that Business Insider conducted.
Gen Z is known for being one of the most photographed generations.

Gen Z is likely photographed more often than anyone else — and it’s fueling big changes in how they shop

Gen Z has grown up never knowing a world without the internet, and many have had their entire lives documented in photos and videos on social media.
Gen Z loves three social media apps above all else.

The most popular social media platforms with Gen Z

For social media, members of Gen Z gravitate toward Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, according to a survey by Business Insider.
The median member of this generation was a toddler when Facebook launched back in 2004.

Gen Zers say they feel pressured to establish their ‘brand’ by the time they leave their teens

Gen Z feels a distinct pressure to establish a solid online presence and keep an eye on what others are doing online.
Teens are falling in love with Amazon, just like millennials.

Teens love shopping on Amazon, even when they’re not buying anything

Teens love going on Amazon's website, even when they have no intent to purchase, according to a new survey by Business Insider.
Gen Z's front-page news is on their Instagram feed.

Instagram is Gen Z’s go-to source of political news — and it’s already having an impact on the 2020 election

About 65% of respondents told Business Insider they checked Instagram daily, with many Gen Zers citing it as a major source for political news.