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There’s a term for people born in the early ’80s who don’t feel like a millennial or a Gen Xer. Here’s everything we know abou...

Xennials are a "micro-generation," sandwiched in between generations X and Y. Here are some key facts about this demographic's mindset.
Work-from-home is a given. Retirement benefits, maybe not.

Most millennials and Gen Zs have never experienced a recession during their careers, and an economist says it’s changing the way people act at w...

Glassdoor chief economist Andrew Chamberlain said younger workers feel comfortable asking for perks that older generations may not have.
Earth from space looks blue thanks to all of its water.

Past generations created a climate crisis for Millennials and Generation Z. Today marks 30 years of inaction.

If we don't transition away from fossil fuels, future generations could face trillions of dollars in costs. If those in power fail to take action now, as many have in the past, they will be responsible for the debt and changed world they leave future generations.
The author, Steven John, and his son.

5 ways my kids’ lives will be nothing like mine

My kids’ lives will be strikingly different than mine in several key ways, including how the internet will shape their days and their lack of the freedom to roam that I enjoyed. Though my kids will never know the feel of a typewriter, they will know an America where we’re approaching equality.

Here’s which generation you’re part of based on your birth year — and why those distinctions exist

Whether you're a millennial or baby boomer, defining generations helps researchers investigate how history and technology impact the ways people see the world.

26-year-old ‘echo boomers’ are running wild in America — here’s what they’re all about

There are 4.6 million 26-year-olds in the United States, more than any other age group. They aren't all alike, but some traits clearly stand out.

26-year-old ‘echo boomers’ are running wild in America

Millennials first surpassed baby boomers as America's largest generation in the summer of 2015. New data says one age group, in particular, is running the show.

Our parents are ruining the entire world

It was the baby boomer generation that voted overwhelmingly for the UK to leave the EU in a bid for a return to isolationism.