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A genetically engineered probiotic aims to prevent mornings like these.

A first-of-its-kind probiotic aims to combat hangover symptoms. It works by breaking down a dangerous byproduct of booze.

Zbiotics can be consumed like a shot before drinking. It's based on years of testing, but how well it works in the real world remains to be seen.
David Renteln, the cofounder of Soylent, has a new startup that makes nicotine gum.

The CEO of Silicon Valley’s favorite meal-replacement startup shares why he thinks the tide is shifting on genetic engineering

"The pendulum is swinging in favor of the science," Soylent CEO Bryan Crowley told Business Insider.

Stephen Hawking’s warning that genetically altered superhumans could wipe out the rest of us doesn’t mention a likely characteristic of th...

The Sunday Times published an excerpt from Stephen Hawking's posthumously-published book "Brief Answers to the Big Questions" in which the esteemed scientist warned that genetically-enhanced humans could become a dominant overclass.

Your burger habit could be under threat

New genetic engineering technique CRISPR could help create both crops and animals that are more immune to environmental challenges.

Scientists edited the DNA of human embryos that could become people for the first time — here’s what that means for ‘designer babies...

Biologists edited the genes of viable human embryos with few mistakes using gene-editing technique CRISPR for the first time.

Peter Thiel gave $100,000 to the scientists trying to resurrect the woolly mammoth

Woolly mammoths could be coming to a park near you by 2027, thanks to some funding from PayPal founder Peter Thiel.

In a world first, a scientist has begun editing the genes of healthy human embryos

Using CRISPR to edit healthy human embryos is a controversial procedure, as it's the same technology that could permanently alter the human genome.

A company is developing a new way to genetically modify crops — and it could be the future of food

Gene editing crops may be the future of food for a key reason, but that could be contentious.

It’s almost impossible to avoid GMOs in these 7 everyday items

GMOs are in everything from the cotton in our T-shirts to the soda we sip at the movies.