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From suicide prevention to genetic testing, there’s a widening disconnect between Silicon Valley health tech and outside experts who see red fla...

"There's almost this implicit assumption that they play by a different set of rules," a Harvard psychiatrist and tech consultant said.

23andMe can now tell you your risk of developing diabetes, based on your DNA. Here’s what doctors want you to know.

The report uses your genetics and other information about you to figure out how likely you are to develop Type 2 diabetes.

After you spit into a tube for a DNA test like 23andMe, experts say you shouldn’t assume your data will stay private forever

The DNA from the spit you submitted to Ancestry or 23andMe might be private for now. But experts warn it's getting easier to link your DNA to your identity.

Bill and Melinda Gates shined a spotlight on at-home DNA tests like 23andMe, calling them one of last year’s biggest surprises

DNA tests helped catch a suspected serial killer last year. They may also help women have healthier pregnancies, according to the Gateses.
A DNA testing kit.

Genetic testing is the future of healthcare, but many experts say companies like 23andMe are doing more harm than good

Clinicians and advocates criticize the 23andMe approach to genetic testing, which they say prioritizes convenience over privacy and long-term health.

Scientists have found a way to calculate your risk for deadly conditions like diabetes, breast cancer and heart disease

Scientists at the Broad Institute and Harvard have created a new genetic test that can assess a patient's risk for common diseases like coronary artery disease, atrial fibrillation, type 2 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, and breast cancer.

There’s now a genetic test for women’s fertility called Fertilome

After 8 years, Celmatix launched Fertilome, a test that looks at the risk factors associated with infertility.

I took a $30 test that told me if I had ‘superhero’ genes — and it was by far the most fun test I’ve taken

A $30 genetics test gave me results for six of my "super"genes, and it was as much fun as it sounds.

Why mosquitoes that spread Zika and malaria love people so much more than other animals

It turns out that a large part of why mosquitoes bite people is in their genes, which might help us come up with different strategies for wiping them out.

Scientists have discovered genetic mutations that are linked with advanced prostate cancer

A new study sequenced the germline DNA of 700 men with advanced metastatic prostate cancer and found that about 12% of them had mutations in DNA repair genes.