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There are 21 ingredients in an Impossible Burger, including soy protein, salt, and lots of vitamins.

These are the 21 ingredients that make an Impossible Burger look and taste like meat

An Impossible Burger includes 21 ingredients, including soy protein, salt, coconut oil, and lots of vitamins.

A group of scientists plans to pay young women $900 to eat genetically modified bananas

GMO opponents claim the researchers have not been transparent about the trial or its possible risks.

The debate over genetically modified foods is missing one simple thing

"Although genetics is complicated, it's not magic."

What 5 popular fruits and veggies looked like before — and after — we domesticated them

Our favorite fruits and vegetables haven't always looked like they do today.

There’s a totally new way to genetically modify our food

A new gene-editing technology could revolutionize agriculture, if we don't abhor it like we did with GMOs.

7 non-GMO foods that are totally unnatural

Supersized turkeys are one of the many foods we consume these days that can hardly be considered "natural."

The FDA finally approved ‘Frankenfish’ — the first genetically modified animal you can eat

After nearly two decades, the FDA approved AquAdvantage salmon as safe for human consumption.