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Georgia’s governor orders state to ‘shelter in place’ — while also opening state beaches

Georgia beaches are open again thanks to an executive order issued this week by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp.

Georgia’s governor claims he didn’t know asymptomatic people could spread the coronavirus ‘until the last 24 hours.’ Doctors h...

Beginning Thursday, Georgia will be under a state-wide shelter-in-place order. Kemp had previously closed bars, banned groups of more than 10 people.

A small Georgia city is facing hundreds of coronavirus cases after residents flocked to a beloved janitor’s funeral

Atlanta's Dougherty County has reported 490 confirmed cases of COVID-19, that all emerged after two funerals were held in the town of Albany.
Southwest Airlines flight with healthcare workers before takeoff from Atlanta (ATL) to New York (LGA) to assist in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Southwest Airlines posted a viral photo of healthcare workers headed to NYC to help fight the coronavirus. This is the story of one of those nurses.

"It's a shock at first but shock goes away real quick because we have to take care of these people."
Two foster puppies got to enjoy a fun-filled day at the Georgia Aquarium after it closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

2 adorable foster puppies explored an empty aquarium after it closed due to the coronavirus pandemic

Carmel and Odie got to meet the likes of whale sharks and manta rays on their fun-filled day, before taking a nap right by their new fish friends.
A swab to be used for testing novel coronavirus is seen in the supplies of Harborview Medical Center's home assessment team during preparations to visit the home of a person potentially exposed to novel coronavirus at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle

A Georgia healthcare worker was found dead in her home, and a posthumous test found she was infected with the new coronavirus

Healthcare workers in the US are contracting the novel coronavirus and few have already died from COVID-19.
An Atlanta firm set up a toilet paper drive-thru to give away the 1,000 rolls that would have gone unused while employees worked from home.

An Atlanta company set up a toilet paper drive-thru to give away 1,000 rolls, and is encouraging other businesses to donate their extra stock

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, toilet paper one of the first household products to be swept off the shelves due to global panic-buying.
Clay Bentley has been released from the hospital after being admitted with the coronavirus.

A Georgia coronavirus patient says he thought he was dying on Wednesday night. Then he felt God ‘breathe life’ into his lungs.

Clay Bentley, of Rome, Georgia, said: "I got to the point I couldn't breathe at all."
Carmine, the black coyote.

A rare black coyote in Georgia couldn’t stop making friends with dogs

Carmine the coyote is now living in a wildlife sanctuary and researchers are trying to determine why he is so friendly.
Georgia authorities say Gregory Keith Wyatt, 34, escaped jail by climbing through a light fixture.

An inmate escaped a Georgia jail by climbing through a ceiling light fixture, authorities say

Gregory Keith Wyatt "went through a light into the ceiling and worked his way into the pipe chase," the Haralson County Sheriff's Office said.