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The best wrapping paper and gift-wrapping supplies

To wrap any gift, you need wrapping paper, scissors, and tape at the very least. This is the best wrapping paper and wrapping supplies you can buy.
One study of 35,000 couples recently found that Amazon is now the most popular wedding registry site in the US.

We compared the top 5 wedding registries in the country including Amazon, Zola, and Target — here are all the pros and cons

A study of 35,000 couples recently found that Amazon is now the most popular wedding registry site in the US, followed by Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Zola, and Crate & Barrel.
Find "Return or replace items" in your account's orders page.

How to return a gift or purchased item on Amazon

Here's how to return a purchased item to Amazon, whether you bought it from the site yourself or received it as a gift.
Order this ‘Unforgettable’ Valentine’s Day now.

10 Valentine’s Day flower bouquets we love — plus expert tips on what to keep in mind when ordering

You can trust online flower delivery company The Bouqs Co. for beautiful, well-priced, and fresh bouquets to send on Valentine's Day.

5 tips on picking the perfect Chinese New Year hamper

Give the gift of pr...
Bruno Mars (C) and his band attend the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011 at the Odyssey Arena, in Belfast.

Bruno Mars gifted each of his 7 band members a $55,000 gold Audemars Piguet watch so they could ‘bling together’

The luxury timepieces came in custom boxes that read, "Audemars Piguet: Bruno Mars 24K Magic World Tour Edition."
Giving a pet for the holidays can be risky.

9 reasons why you shouldn’t give your kids a pet as a present this holiday

A puppy or kitten might seem like a great gift right now but there is a chance that it will not be as great in the long term, according to experts.

10 gifts guys REALLY want for the holidays this year

We polled the Business Insider office to figure out what men are really asking for this year.

How to give corporate holiday gifts without the risk of accidental bribery

Your company should have a strong plan in place to avoid accidental bribery claims when giving gifts during the holiday season.