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YouTube is the most lucrative platform for creators — with Etsy and Instagram trailing behind

In 2016, content creators made a collective $3.2 billion from YouTube.
The wage gap persists, even in the gig economy.

Male Uber drivers earn 7% more than female drivers, and economists think there are 3 reasons why

Economists at Uber and Stanford looked at the gender wage gap among Uber drivers and observed a disheartening trend.
A BMW worker holds a banner reading "arguing together" during a 24-hour strike by German industrial trade union IG Metall in Berlin, Germany, February 2, 2018.

Workers at BMW, Mercedes and Porsche can now work a 28-hour week

Staff will be able to work the equivalent of five hours and 40 minutes per day for up to two years to care for children and relatives.

Uber’s CEO just endorsed a major safeguard against the looming threat of job automation

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi wrote an open letter urging business leaders and public officials to consider offering more benefits to contract workers.

In a settlement with couriers, Postmates will pay some drivers differently depending on what state they’re in

Postmates and its couriers reached a class-action settlement last year, but a letter to couriers reveals how the money split will work.

An ‘Uber for buses’ startup is launching an ICO to end tipping altogether — and it’s already raised $6 million

50,000 people are chartering busses through Skedaddle every month. Now the company wants to use blockchain technology to disrupt the gig economy.
A Deliveroo rider.

45 Deliveroo riders are taking legal action against the company over their employment status

The couriers want to be given holiday pay and a guaranteed minimum wage.

Uber users on iPhones can now block the app from always tracking their location, thanks to Apple’s new iOS update

The new iPhone update forced Uber to change its app to allow users to opt out of always-on location tracking.

This pizza CEO has a crazy plan to create his own Bitcoin-like currency so workers can get a piece of the pie

Pythagoras Pizza CEO Evan Kuo thinks that cryptocurrency can put the company on the same page as its employees.