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Meet the 14 IBM execs with key roles in CEO Ginni Rometty’s bold bid to dominate a $1 trillion market — including 4 who might succeed her ...

IBM is in the middle of a big re-focusing on hybrid cloud. Here are the executives leading the charge.
IBM CEO Ginni Rometty

Ginni Rometty says IBM will be Number One in a new trillion dollar cloud market

Fresh off her big earnings beat, Rometty has planted a flag and declared that IBM will be the winner in the next big thing in tech: hybrid computing.
IBM CEO Ginni Rometty.

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty said companies have to change the way they hire, or the skills gap will become a crisis

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty said the most pressing challenge of the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" is preparing non-college graduates to get good jobs.
IBM CEO Ginni Rometty

IBM unveils the world’s first quantum computer that businesses can actually use to solve previously impossible problems

At CES 2019, IBM announced the world's first quantum computing system that businesses can use. Before, quantum computers could be found only in research labs.

IBM is paying a ‘rich valuation’ for Red Hat

IBM was sliding ahead of Monday's opening bell after announcing a deal to acquire the cloud-software company Red Hat for $34 billion.

Here are the most popular Google auto-complete results for Silicon Valley’s biggest names

It turns out people are curious about a lot of the same things regardless of the tech executive's title, gender, or the company they represent.
IBM CEO Ginni Rometty

Ginni Rometty, Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and other tech CEOs warn of ‘significant costs’ and ‘disruptions’ if Cong...

Over 100 business leaders, including many top tech industry CEOs, are urging US lawmakers to fix DACA by January 19, or else.

This is how angry some IBM and Oracle employees are because their CEOs are working with Trump

From public letters of resignation to internet petitions, tech industry employees are protesting.

There’s only one tech CEO on Trump’s economic advisory team — and she’s not from Silicon Valley

Donald Trump's choice of IBM's Ginny Rometty is interesting for a lot of reasons.

IBM’s CEO has a perfect response to her critics

Critics love to point out IBM's 16 quarters of shrinking revenue.