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Historic Acorn Street in Boston, Massachusetts around the holidays.

Still shopping for Christmas GIFs? Here are the most popular holiday reactions, according to Google

It's a perfect time of year for reaction images. "Elf" and "Home Alone" were in some of the most popular holiday GIFs on Giphy keyboards in 2019.
What all the trouble is about ... baby Yoda.

Get excited, there are now a bunch of Baby Yoda GIFs you can text to your friends

Giphy temporarily removed Baby Yoda GIFs, but now they're back and just as cute as ever, ready to be sent in your group chats.
Using GIPHY, you can make a GIF from nearly any YouTube video.

How to make a GIF from a YouTube video and post it online

Using GIPHY, you can easily make a GIF from a YouTube video, edit it in several ways to add text and filters, and share it online.
Posting GIFs on Instagram requires a third-party app.

How to post a GIF on Instagram using a free GIF-making app for iPhone and Android

To post a GIF on Instagram, you'll need to use a third-party app to turn it into a video file. Here's how to do just that.

You can now add official Jewel GIFs to your Instagram Stories – but there aren’t any of its giant waterfall

8 more things you can add to show off your time at Jewel Changi.
You can make a GIF on iPhone by using the live photo feature.

How to make GIFs on an iPhone using live photos, through the Photos app or Giphy

You can easily make a GIF on an iPhone using its live photo feature. Here's how to make a live photo into a GIF through the Photos app or Giphy.
GIPHY's NYC office is fun, animated, and weird, just like the GIF company.

Inside GIPHY’s NYC office where lunch is catered every day, employees play arcade games, and the walls are alive with GIFs

GIPHY, the GIF website, has a New York City office with color, a coffee bar, arcade games, and a hanging garden. The office is fun, animated, and weird. The architect designed it with help from GIPHY employees to reflect the brand image.

Inside the GIF factory: How Giphy plans to build a real business by animating the internet

Giphy raised $150 million has a search engine for GIFs. Now it wants to invent "micro-entertainment."

This startup that makes and hosts GIFs is worth $600 million

New York-based Giphy announced a $72 million Series D round on Monday. The startup says its GIFs are seen by over 100 million people per day.

A startup that lets you search for GIFs is now worth $300 million

Giphy raises a big round, putting a dent in the idea that it's hard to raise now.