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Markets mixed as growth fears clash with strong US bank earnings and Chinese export gains

Stock markets reflected optimism mixed with trade disputes and financial conditions that "have been plaguing investors," said London Capital Group's Jasper Lawler.
What should you do with your money during a volatile market?

Experts explain what to do with your money right now, whether or not a recession is looming

Experts broke down four different options: investing in index funds, stock-picking, storing money in high-yield savings, or in a checking account.

Global stocks are enjoying their first good day of 2019 after China and the US agree to fresh trade talks

An ugly start to trading in 2019 may be abating after Chinese markets responded positively to Beijing's stimulus package and renewed trade-war talks.
There's a lot for traders to digest. And it's Christmas Eve.

Dow drops 640 points for the worst Christmas Eve trading day on record

The S&P 500 is heading for a whopping 11% plunge in 2018. The Treasury Secretary's bizarre attempt to quell a stock bloodbath seems to have backfired.

Amazon is surging in premarket before what’s expected to be the biggest Cyber Monday ever

Tech giants like Amazon were rebounding in premarket trading following one of the weakest Black Friday trading sessions this decade.