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Melting glaciers unveil dead bodies, ancient disease, and more

An increasing number of dead bodies have been found on Mount Everest due to rising temperatures melting glaciers on the mountain.
Staff at D' Bone Collector Museum Inc. in Davao, Philippines, examine the contents of a dead whale's stomach.

A whale washed up dead in the Philippines with almost 100 pounds worth of trash in its stomach, including plastic shopping bags and rice sacks

Scientists said the curvier's beaked whale died from 'gastric shock,' and it was the most plastic they'd ever seen in a whale.
Greenland's ice is melting four times faster now than it was 16 years ago.

A devastating Arctic temperature rise that could submerge coastal cities and trigger species extinction is now locked in

Even if the world met its most ambitious climate change goals, winter temperatures in the Arctic will still rise 9 degrees Fahrenheit by 2050.
If warming continues, subtropical stratocumulus clouds could disappear all together.

Rising emissions could one day trigger a tipping point that causes certain clouds to disappear, creating a ‘hothouse’ Earth scenario

If greenhouse gas emissions continue to warm the planet unabated, certain kinds of clouds could disappear.

Study finds younger Singaporeans are less worried about saving water – this is why they need to be more concerned

As water is readily available, younger Singaporeans perceive water scarcity as a problem that will only need to be dealt with in the far future.
An abandoned home in Canoga Park, outside Los Angeles, bakes during a heat wave.

A troubling new map shows what your city’s climate may look like in 60 years. San Francisco may feel like Los Angeles, and New York may be more ...

A new study shared an interactive climate-change map that lets users explore what their cities' climates may feel like in 60 years.
Dark clouds pass over downtown Miami.

Scientists say these 10 major cities could become unlivable within 80 years

Some of the world's most popular cities could experience unbearable living conditions because of climate change.
Frank Lettiere's eyebrows and eye lashes are frozen after walking along Lake Michigan's ice-covered shoreline as temperatures dropped to -20 degrees F (-29C) on January 30, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois.

The US is suffering through a polar vortex. Paradoxically, we may have global warming to thank for that.

The US has been hit with frigid temperatures. But the frequency of these polar-vortex events might be increasing due to climate change.

The world’s top cigarette company thinks a future of extreme weather could be good for its tobacco

Philip Morris, the tobacco company behind Marlboro cigarettes, has identified a way to profit from climate change.
President Donald Trump

Trump tweets falsehoods about climate change and cold weather — again

Weather and climate are different. Climate change is the scientific finding that global temperatures are rising. It is not defined by daily weather.