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Gmail appears to be down in an apparent worldwide outage

Business Insider was not able to access its email to seek comment from Google.

16 ways to go on a digital cleanse if you use Google products religiously

There are hidden features inside Google's most popular products to help you combat your tech addiction.
A fake tombstone.

This tool lets you bequeath your Google account to a trusted person when you die — here’s how to set it up

Google has a tool that lets you turn over your account and all its contents to your trusted loved ones or automatically delete your account in the event of an accident or death. Here's how to set it up.

If you hate the new Gmail version that Google is forcing on users, here’s a trick to make your Gmail look old again

Google has stopped allowing users to revert to an earlier version of its email product, but we found a workaround that helps the new Gmail feel old again.

Here’s how the new Gmail compares to the old version — and how to make the switch today

Google recently updated the desktop version of Gmail. There's new visual changes and features, but the user experience mostly remains the same.

Stop worrying about the period in your Gmail address — Google says it doesn’t matter

That means johnsmith@gmail.com and john.smith@gmail.com are the same email address.

Google will reportedly charge European phone makers as much as $40 per phone to add popular apps like Gmail and Maps

A recent ruling by European regulators has forced Google to put a price tag on its popular apps. Phone manufacturers will now have to pay Google for access to popular apps like Gmail, YouTube, and Maps.

These 12 apps and services can help you ditch Google completely

If you're done with Google, here are 12 alternatives that can help you replace all its apps and services in your everyday life.
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Mark Cuban ‘absolutely loves’ a new Gmail feature that helps write your e-mails for you — but many others aren’t so sure

Google's new Smart Compose feature has rolled out to most Gmail users. The AI-powered technology is saving people time, but do people actually like it?

Google had to change Gmail’s new Smart Reply responses because its AI kept suggesting ‘I love you’

Another funny suggestion Gmail's 'Smart Reply' software kept repeating is a nod to Google's neighbors in Silicon Valley, Apple. Apparently, the software thought "Sent from my iPhone" was a good way to respond to emails.