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Dan Dees, on the far right, stands with two colleagues.

Goldman just promoted a star tech banker close to Tesla and Microsoft to co-head one of its most profitable businesses, as incoming CEO Solomon makes ...

Dees is also being elevated at a time when Goldman's investment bankers are rising at the firm relative to traders who dominated the top ranks under outgoing CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

Goldman Sachs just announced a shakeup of its leadership — and it signals the rise of bankers over traders

Goldman Sachs announced a leadership shakeup on Thursday, promoting two executives and moving the CFO to a different role helping to run the sales and trading division.

‘It didn’t seem like it was his forte’: Goldman Sachs CFO Marty Chavez is shifting roles after an unconvincing 18-month tenure

BI PRIME: Chavez's shift caps an 18-month CFO tenure at Goldman Sachs in which many investors, analysts and employees felt the technologist often seemed out of his element.
It can be even more important than the work you're doing, said Dane Holmes, pictured.

Goldman Sachs’ head of HR says an ‘underrated’ factor should make a big difference in which job you choose — especially if you...

Goldman Sachs' HR head, Dane Holmes, told summer interns that people often fail to consider the quality of their prospective coworkers when they're choosing a job. But it's the most important factor, he said.

Goldman Sachs announces major leadership shakeup as incoming CEO David Solomon picks his team

Goldman Sachs announced a leadership shakeup, promoting two executives and moving the CFO to a different role helping to run the sales and trading division.
Barack Obama.

This year’s average Goldman Sachs intern is willing to pay $6 for avocado toast and admires Obama

Seventy-six percent of Goldman Sachs' 3,162 global summer analysts and associates responded to the questionnaire on everything from their ambitions to their spending habits. Here are the results.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Goldman Sachs worries Tesla’s losing of a key tax credit could mean the end of high-end buyers

Goldman Sachs' price target of $210 is half of CEO Elon Musk's $420 price target he tweeted in August that kicked off a 16-day go-private bid which resulted in an SEC investigation, subpoena, and a slew of investor lawsuits.
"Last Week Tonight with John Oliver."

Wall Street has helped eliminate one of bitcoin’s biggest problems, and it could fulfill ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision’

Wall Street is helping bitcoin become more stable, according to an exec at a crypto trading tech firm.

Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and Rothschild are all getting a slice of Coca-Cola’s game-changing $5.1 billion deal for Costa Coffee

Coca-Cola on Friday announced a shock deal to buy coffee chain Costa from its parent company Whitbread in a deal valued at just shy of $5.1 billion (£3.9 billion).
The Great British Bake Off's judges, Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, and presenters, Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig.

A veteran Goldman Sachs staffer is appearing on smash hit show ‘The Great British Bake Off’

Antony Amourdoux, who works in operations for Goldman in London, according to the Daily Telegraph, will appear on the show, which pits amateur bakers against one another for the chance to be crowned "Star Baker."