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Former Goldman executive Harvey Schwartz.

Wells Fargo board members are reportedly in talks to hire former Goldman Sachs exec Harvey Schwartz as its next CEO

Wells Fargo's board members are in discussions with Goldman's former executive Harvey Schwartz to hire him as next CEO, the New York Post reported.
Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon.

Goldman Sachs job cuts — How to pitch VCs — Walmart’s trucking ambitions

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Tesla is about to reveal the Model Y — here’s how much it could cost

Tesla will unveil its upcoming Model Y crossover SUV on Thursday.

Malaysia’s securities regulator issues Goldman Sachs with show-cause letter

Goldman Sachs had said certain members of the former Malaysian government and 1MDB lied.

The bizarre story of the Goldman Sachs 1MDB Malaysia fund scandal now has a Trump link

It's one of the greatest scandals in financial history. "1MDB" started as a plan to fund Malaysian infrastructure projects but turned into $3 billion problem.

GOLDMAN SACHS: There’s a big misconception surrounding the impact of Trump’s tax cuts

While the stock buybacks bonanza is under growing attack by Washington lawmakers, Goldman Sachs has come out with a new report defending the practice.
Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon speaks with Katie Couric at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit 2018

Goldman Sachs is trying out a new strategy to get more women on the trading floor

Goldman Sachs is offering hundreds of its new female recruits a one-year trial program, allowing them to work as a trader for a year.

Goldman Sachs flagged 5 ‘pockets of risk’ that could spark a recession

Goldman Sachs flagged bonds, leveraged loans, auto loans, student loans and commercial real estate as 'pockets of risk' for the US economy.

Goldman Sachs slapped a ‘sell’ on Burberry on the same day it scrapped its formal dress code

Goldman Sachs relaxed its dress code and downgraded Burberry to "sell" on the same day.

GOLDMAN SACHS: Forget about a global recession — the worst of the US and China’s economic slump is over

The world's two largest economies look set to see growth pick up in the coming months, according to two of Goldman's most senior economists.