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Street artist Carlos Giovanni, who goes by the name TheyDrift, works on the portrait of a healthcare worker for a piece he calls "Stay Home" on the same day that Governor Jay Inslee extended his stay-home order until May 4 in Seattle, Washington, US April 2, 2020.

Google location data shows how much daily life is changing in every state

The US has not imposed a nationwide lockdown standard, leaving states to decide for themselves what measures should be implemented.
People maintain social distance as they shop during the tenth day of the lockdown imposed by the government in Kathmandu, Nepal April 2, 2020.

Fascinating Google data from 131 countries shows where people go amid lockdowns — with park and grocery visits plummeting as much as 90%

In many countries visits to recreational and retail locations, grocery shops, transit stations, and workplaces has plummeted.
It's easy to scan barcodes and QR codes with an Android device.

How to scan barcodes or QR codes on an Android device using a third-party app

You can scan barcodes on an Android using your device's camera and one of several free third-party apps.
Uber and Lyft drivers protest the ride sharing companies' low wages in Los Angeles, California on September 5, 2017.

‘This is why people are so angry’: Tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Uber built their empires on the backs of contractors. A pandemic...

Most tech companies rely on non-standard workers of some sort for tasks ranging from driving or delivery to content moderation or data analysis.

Samsung will buy back your Galaxy S20 in 2 years for half of the original price, which is more than you’ll get with most trade-in offers

Samsung's buy-back program makes sense if you keep your phones for two years, but it doesn't make as much sense if you buy a new phone every year.
Leanne Francis, first grade teacher at Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy, conducts an online class from her living room on March 20, 2020 in San Francisco, California.

Google is providing free internet across the state of California after Gov. Gavin Newsom announced schools would remain closed through the spring

The broadband access will be free for at least 3 months as educators and students adjust to remote learning amid the coronavirus pandemic.

How to cope with feeling stressed and overwhelmed while working at home, according to Google’s in-house productivity expert

Laura Mae Martin, Google's in-house productivity expert, shares her tips for avoiding stress while working remotely.
It's easy to add money to a Google Hangouts account.

How to add money to your Google Hangouts account, and make international calls to nearly any country

To add money to your Google Hangouts account, you'll need to add calling credits through Google Voice.
This garage in Palo Alto, often called the "birthplace of Silicon Valley," is where Bill Hewlett and David Packard started HP in 1938.

Apple was started in a garage on this day in 1976. Here are the modest beginnings of 5 tech companies worth billions today.

These companies that shaped the tech scene all started in garages, and those beginnings have become essential to their origin stories.

Amazon’s biggest day of the year is on a collision course with the coronavirus

In this week's edition of Trending, we look at the consequences of cancelling big events, from the Olympics to Amazon Prime Day.