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You can easily avoids tolls on any Google Maps route in a desktop map or via the mobile app.

How to avoid tolls on Google Maps and save yourself money on your next road trip

If you're looking to save money on a toll-heavy trip, knowing how to avoid tolls on Google Maps is key. Here's how to do it on desktop and mobile.
You can download Google Maps of specific cities or areas for offline use on an iOS or Android device with the following steps.

How to download maps on the Google Maps app for offline use when you’re traveling or don’t have good service

You can download maps on Google Maps to use when you're without internet or trying to curb your data usage. Here's how to use Google Maps offline.
You can remove an outdated Google review you wrote, or flag an inappropriate one, with the following steps.

How to delete an outdated Google review, or dispute a spammy review of your business

Learning how to delete an outdated Google review you wrote, or flagging a spammy or inappropriate review of your business, only takes a minute.
You can share your location on an iPhone from a few different apps.

How to share your location on an iPhone in 4 different ways

You can send or share your location on an iPhone with someone in a few taps, and through four different apps. Here's how.
Google Maps' AR feature is designed for walking directions.

Google unveiled a new augmented reality feature for Maps, but it’s only coming to Pixel phones for now

The latest update to Google Maps will use your camera to display directions, but it's only available on Google's Pixel phones for now.
Google's Sundar Pichai unveiled new privacy-related features at the company's I/O developer conference Tuesday.

Incognito mode is coming to Google Maps and Google search

Google Maps users will soon be able to block the company from associating the places they search or navigate to with their accounts.
You can write reviews on Google Maps to help guide anyone around you.

How to write a Google review, and become a ‘Local Guide’ for your area

If you're looking to write a Google review, here's a guide on how to publish one, and become a Google 'Local Guide' for your area as well.
Part of the Tumen River, which divides Russia from North Korea.

Russia and North Korea have a tiny shared border, which Kim Jong Un just crossed — and you can take a look around on Google Maps

North Korea is entirely shrouded on Google Maps — but some parts just outside its border aren't.

Uber relies on Google Maps for its business and spent $58 million on it over three years

Uber filed for its IPO on Thursday. Its S-1 showed that it spent $58 million on Google Maps between 2016 and 2018.