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Google’s next major Android update is launching Tuesday — here’s how to get it

Android 10 is rolling out today to Pixel devices, the company announced. Here's how to download the new software.

25 useful Android accessories and compatible gadgets to use with your phone

These 25 clever phone accessories and Android-compatible gadgets prove gifting an Android user isn't actually as difficult as you think.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The Apple Card is a brilliant move by Apple to keep people shackled to the iPhone

Try switching to Android when your credit card is tied to your iPhone.

9 cool features that prove the Google Pixel 3 line of phones are still worth buying, despite the upcoming Pixel 4 launch

All models in the Pixel 3 family, from the Pixel 3a to the Pixel 3 XL, feature a 12.2-megapixel dual-pixel rear camera and a variety of cool features.
The Google Pixel's fingerprint scanner can help keep your data safe.

How to add your fingerprints to a Google Pixel phone for log-in security, and remove their data later if you need to

Using the fingerprint scanner on the back of a Google Pixel, you can add your fingerprint data to a Pixel to log into the device or download apps.
There are two primary ways to connect your Google Pixel to a computer.

How to connect your Google Pixel to a computer in 2 different ways, for Mac and PC

You can use a USB cable or just your Google account to connect a Google Pixel phone to your computer. Here's how to do both, on either a Mac or PC.
You can factory reset your Google Pixel in a few steps and erase all your data.

How to reset your Google Pixel to its factory settings, and then restore your data if needed

If you need to fix a serious issue, or you're planning on selling your phone, knowing how to factory reset a Google Pixel is key. Here's how to do it.
Your Google Pixel can create automatic backups with unlimited storage for certain data.

How to set up automatic backups for your Google Pixel, and save an unlimited amount of photos and videos

A single setting on your Google Pixel phone can create automatic backups of your data. Here's how to find that setting, and backup your Google Pixel.
Depending on where you bought the phone, you might need to unlock your Google Pixel to switch carrier networks.

How to unlock a Google Pixel phone, so you can switch carrier networks

If you want to switch carrier networks on your Google Pixel, you might have to unlock the phone. Here's how to unlock any Google Pixel phone.
If you have an Android phone and a Google account, backing up your contacts to Google is easy to do.

How to set up a voicemail account and greeting on a Google Pixel, and access your mailbox from anywhere

Once you set up a voicemail greeting on your Google Pixel, you can access your voice mailbox from anywhere. Here's how to set it up on a Pixel.