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Using Google Trends, you can measure and compare popular search terms for a targeted audience.

How to use Google Trends to measure what people are searching for on Google and compare popular search terms

You can use Google Trends to measure and compare how often people are searching for certain terms or topics on Google. Here's what you need to know.
The first Democratic primary debate, featuring 10 of the 20 candidates running.

Tulsi Gabbard and Cory Booker emerged as winners of the first Democratic debate, according to Google Trends

With half of the Democratic primary contenders onstage Wednesday night for the first presidential debate, Americans were searching Google for names.

The 10 biggest news stories of 2018, according to Google Trends

The biggest news stories of 2018 included the FIFA World Cup, the US midterm elections, and the royal wedding.

The top trending Google search on Election Day was ‘dónde votar’ as historic Latino voter turnout is expected for midterms

Google Trends said Tuesday morning that the top trending search in the US was "dónde votar," Spanish for "where to vote."

17 incredibly useful Google products and services you didn’t know existed

Everyone knows Gmail, Google Earth, and Google Calendar. But Google offers plenty of other tools, features, and services to make your life easier. Here are 17 that you may not have tried yet.
Gun control is a divisive issue in the US. This map shows the searches for "gun control" and "gun shop" over the past week.

Google reveals how America really feels about guns in two maps

Gun control is a divisive topic in the US — and nothing makes that more clear than Google maps of searches for gun control and for gun shops.

BARCLAYS: Google search data has a ‘very high correlation’ with Netflix’s US subscriber growth

BI PRIME: Google search data on Netflix has shown a "very high correlation" with Netflix's subscriber growth in the US, according to Barclays.

Google reveals the 10 most popular pro sports teams in searches during 2017

MLB franchises took three of the top four spots, with NFL teams following close behind.

Google reveals the 10 most popular sporting events in worldwide searches during 2017

The list has a decidedly international feel, but several big American events also made the cut.

Google reveals the most searched-for athletes of 2017

With names including the biggest fight in history and blockbuster trades, sports fans likely won't be surprised at the names atop this year's list.