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FILE PHOTO: A skier wears a GoPro camera on his helmet as he rides down the slopes in the ski resort of Meribel

GoPro is falling after rolling out its 360 camera without its best features

GoPro's stock is falling after slipping its 360 camera without its best features.

JPMORGAN: Google taking on GoPro is actually a good thing for the camera company

GoPro's stock price is recovering after a beatdown following Google's entrance into its space. Now, the stock is recovering after a JPMorgan analyst said Google's new camera was a good thing.

OPPENHEIMER: GoPro is the only company nailing 360 degree video

GoPro's plan for 360 video is unique, and it could lead to future profits for the company according to one Wall Street analyst.

GoPro is skyrocketing after forecasting an adjusted profit

GoPro's stock price is up more than 20% on Thursday morning after announcing it expects to turn a profit in the third quarter.

GoPro is taking off after earnings

GoPro's CEO says the smartphone revolution could be the company's next big move, and investors seem to be buying it.

GoPro is climbing ahead of earnings

GoPro's stock price is struggling, and investors aren't hoping for much in the upcoming earnings report