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Lucien Greaves, spokesman for The Satanic Temple, with a statue of Baphomet.

Everything you need to know about the Satanic Temple, which the US government just officially recognized as an organized religion

The US government has recognized the Satanic Temple as a tax-exempt organized religion. Here's what to know about the fast-growing group.

Modern Monetary Theory could cause one big problem for financial markets

You can probably guess how would markets react if the government suddenly decided to print money to fund its projects.

Here’s how much of each US state’s workforce is employed by the government

Using US Census Bureau data, we found the share of employed people in each state and DC who work for their local, state, or federal government.

Here’s the town in every state employing the most government workers

Data from the US Census Bureau shows the town in every state with the highest share of people employed by the local, state, or federal government.

For farmers already struggling from Trump’s trade war, the government shutdown is making life even harder

As President Donald Trump's tariffs remain in place, a partial federal-government shutdown has complicated aid programs designed to help counter them.

11 states pay more in federal taxes than they get back — here’s how every state fares

Are you paying more in federal taxes than what you receive back in federal benefits? We took a look.

The longest government shutdown on record could have widespread consequences for the US economy

From jobs to food stamps, large-scale disruptions resulting from the impasse have put the largest economy in the world in jeopardy.

‘Flying blind’: Americans are left in the dark on state of the economy during a government shutdown

Key economic data won’t be released to Americans until a new spending bill is passed.
President Donald Trump said he's prepared for a long shutdown.

Trump says he’s working with Democrats during the partial government shutdown, but his border security meeting only included Republicans

Despite saying he's working with Democrats on the partial government shutdown, President Donald Trump is holding a border security meeting with only Republicans.

Syed Saddiq, Malaysia’s sports minister, has been named one of the world’s 20 most influential young people in government

"I dedicate this to the youth of Malaysia whom I am proud to serve."