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Trump tweets ‘we have the HCare Vote, but not for Friday!’ after the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill collapses

President Donald Trump took to Twitter Wednesday to try and soften the blow of the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill falling through.

IT’S OVER: Republicans will not vote on Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill, will move on from Obamacare repeal for now

The Graham-Cassidy bill will not receive a vote, effectively ending the GOP's latest push to overhaul the US healthcare system.
Dean Heller.

The most vulnerable GOP senator has had the wildest ride in the saga to repeal Obamacare

It's been a wild few months for Republican Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada as the GOP has tried and, so far, failed to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Susan Collins opposes Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill, dooming the Republican Obamacare repeal

Susan Collins of Maine joined Rand Paul and John McCain in opposition to the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill, likely killing it.

Congress can do its favorite thing on healthcare: nothing

The viability of doing nothing is a reason that sufficient numbers of Republicans have blocked prior efforts to do something on healthcare.
Sen. Bill Cassidy, who co-authored the healthcare bill that got a score from the CBO on Monday.

The CBO says the newest Republican healthcare bill would leave ‘millions’ more without health insurance

The Congressional Budget Office said the Graham-Cassidy bill would save enough against the federal deficit to move forward but gave little other detail.

The new Republican healthcare bill is already getting a slew of brutal reviews

50% of Americans opposed the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill in a poll released Thursday, and 52% were against the plan in a new CBS News poll released Monday.
Bill Cassidy and Mitch McConnell

It’s crunch time for the latest Republican healthcare bill — and it doesn’t look good

The Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill faces a tough timeline and a slew of Republican holdouts that put its future very much in doubt.

Trump launches into early morning tweetstorm on John McCain, Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill

President Donald Trump went after John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Rand Paul to try and drum up support for the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill.

A new analysis says 21 million more people would have no insurance under the new GOP healthcare bill

A new study by the Brookings Institution estimated that 21 million more Americans would be without insurance in 2026 compared with the current system.