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Insider spoke to Grammys seat-fillers Tonya Stanfield and Terry George.

Seat-fillers are spending thousands of dollars to attend some of America’s biggest awards shows even though they could be turned away at the doo...

Insider spoke to two seat-fillers — Tonya Stanfield from Indianapolis and British man Terry George — who paid thousands to go to this year's Grammys.
Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish were instantly compared to Wanda and Cosmo from "The Fairly OddParents" with their pink and green Grammys outfits.

Lil Nas X shared incredible ‘Fairly OddParents’ fan art of him and Billie Eilish at the Grammys, and the artist behind it was shocked

Daniel Herrera first thought it was a Lil Nas X fan account who shared his art of the singer and Billie Eilish, then realized it was the real rapper.

Nick Jonas says the spinach in his teeth during his Grammys performance was from an omelette he ate that morning and Kevin and Joe did a ‘teeth ...

In an interview with Captial FM, Nick said that the viral moment was "funny," "a little embarrassing," and "humbling."

13 details from the Grammys red carpet that you might’ve missed

You might be surprised you didn't notice these stunning, yet bizarre, accessories and thoughtful beauty looks.
The Grammys were loaded with subtle moments.

14 moments from the Grammys that you might’ve missed

From awkward mistakes and wardrobe mishaps to tear-jerking tributes, here's what you probably didn't notice during the awards show.
Lil Nas X has won two Grammys. Pastor Troy has won zero.

Lil Nas X had the best response to a homophobic rant from rapper Pastor Troy

The Grammy winner, who came out as gay last year, shut the rapper down with a reply on Twitter: "damn I look good in that pic on god."
Ariana Grande captured by E!'s "Glambot," left, and her reaction to the process.

A behind-the-scenes video shows Ariana Grande getting scared by a camera on the Grammys red carpet, and it’s the purest thing you’ll see t...

The singer and her massive tulle dress were captured by E!'s high-definition, slow-motion camera, known as the "Glambot," before the awards ceremony.
Lana Del Rey attends the 2020 Grammy Awards on Sunday.

Lana Del Rey says she switched her Grammys dress at the last minute after finding one she liked better at the mall

Lana Del Rey said she picked up the sparkling gown while shopping for a belt for her boyfriend, Sean Larkin, at the mall.
Lizzo performed "Cuz I Love You" and "Truth Hurts" at the Grammys on Sunday.

Lizzo revealed she’d been planning her show-stopping Grammys performance since high school: ‘The rest is history’

"It all started with 4 words scribbled in my high school notebook: LIZZO's FANTASTIC TRAP ORCHESTRA," the "Truth Hurts" singer shared on Instagram.
Lizzo won several awards at the 2020 Grammys.

Lizzo bought out an entire strip club to host a Grammys after-party but now it’s causing backlash online

Stars like Dua Lipa and Lil Nas X were invited to the club, which the "Juice" singer had rented for the entire night.