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The state you live in may affect how much you spend on groceries every year.

Here’s what the average person spends on groceries annually in every state

Find out how much the average person spends on groceries annually in your state — the answer may surprise you.
The author, pictured above, saved $106 by cooking all of her meals for a week.

I saved $106 in 1 week by cooking all my meals instead of eating out

My weekly food budget is $200, but most of that is spent on restaurants — I spend just $32 a week on groceries.
The author, pictured, spends about $175 a month on groceries.

I’m vegan, and I spend about $175 a month on groceries — here’s exactly what I buy

I spend about $175 a month on vegan staples such as rice, tofu, vegetables, and pasta at grocery stores outside San Francisco.
The author and her boyfriend, both vegans, spend about $415 on their monthly grocery budget.

We’re a vegan millennial couple that spends around $415 a month on groceries —here’s exactly what we buy

We eat in as much as possible. Here's exactly what we buy from grocery stores and markets in our city.
The author, right, and his wife.

My wife and I spend $480.40 per month on groceries and cook 95% of our meals — here’s exactly what we buy

We cook 95% of the meals we eat. Here are the groceries we buy on a weekly basis from three markets in our area.