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Instacart used to have exclusive rights to Whole Foods delivery. That changed when Amazon acquired the grocer.

We compared Whole Foods’ grocery delivery from Amazon Prime Now and Instacart, and it was clear which service does it better

Using Instacart was once the only way to order grocery delivery from Whole Foods. That changed when Amazon acquired the grocer. Here's our verdict on which service is better, Prime Now or Instacart.

Here’s how Trader Joe’s keeps its groceries so cheap

Trader Joe's products are affordable and high-quality. How are they able to keep prices so low without sacrificing the quality? From private-label products to word-of-mouth marketing, here are some of the reasons that Trader Joe's products are so cheap.
Instacart's network crashed late Sunday.

Instacart crashed late Sunday, leaving furious shoppers waiting all night for deliveries that never arrived

An Instacart network outage left dozens of customers waiting all night for food deliveries that never arrived. Some customers said they were unable to cancel orders that were automatically rescheduled to the middle of the night or the following day.
Trader Joe's employees dress in Hawaiian-themed shirts.

Trader Joe’s execs reveal why employees wear Hawaiian shirts at work

Trader Joe's employees are known for wearing Hawaiian shirts, but it isn't without reason. In a podcast where Trader Joe's execs reveal company secrets, the company's founder explains why he picked a nautical theme for the grocery chain.

There is an actual ‘Joe’ behind Trader Joe’s — here’s how he founded the grocery chain

Trader Joe's has been a household name for years, and it turns out there is a real "Joe" behind the beloved grocery chain. Joe Coulombe opened the first Trader Joe's in Pasadena, California, in 1967.

Trader Joe’s CEO reveals the unusual reason it sells bananas individually for 19 cents

Trader Joe's sells bananas individually, rather than by the pound like most grocery stores do. In a Trader Joe's podcast where employees reveal company secrets, CEO Dan Bane explained the unusual reason why.

Aldi is rolling out grocery delivery across the US in a direct assault against Walmart, Amazon, and Kroger

Aldi is expanding grocery delivery to stores across the US and launching a test of curbside pickup, the company said Tuesday. Aldi is ramping up its investment in delivery and pickup amid fierce competition from Walmart, Kroger, andAmazon for consumers' online grocery purchases.

Amazon quietly extended a program designed to help it sell more grocery items online

Amazon just quietly extended a program designed to encourage third-party sellers to list grocery items for sale, signaling that it still might not believe it has enough cheap grocery items on its website.

Walmart’s new feature has its e-commerce business growing faster than Amazon’s

Morgan Stanley says Walmart's e-commerce business grows faster than Amazon's because of its successful Click & Collect services and steady growth in overall comparable grocery sales.

Aldi just revealed its next assault against Walmart, Amazon, and Kroger

Aldi is expanding its online grocery services and preparing to launch curbside pickup in the US, Aldi US CEO Jason Hart told Business Insider. Aldi started testing online grocery delivery in select cities last year through a partnership with Instacart.