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Things haven't always been easy for Whole Foods.

How Whole Foods went from a hippie natural foods store to Amazon’s $13.7 billion grocery weapon

Whole Foods went through many phases before being acquired by Amazon for $13.7 billion.
Walmart has been beefing up its online-order pick-up options.

Walmart hinted it would add free one-day shipping to counter Amazon — and it reveals a hidden advantage

Amazon announced its next move in the shipping wars. But the battle is moving to an area where Walmart has a distinct advantage.

A US-Mexico border shutdown threatens more than just avocados — here are all the foods that could disappear from store shelves

Produce that would be hit hardest by a border shutdown includes bell peppers, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, mangoes, and avocados.

Walmart and Kroger are rethinking stores as the online grocery battle intensifies

Walmart and Kroger are rethinking their store strategies in the face of growing competition from Amazon for shoppers' online grocery spending.

Dollar General is defying the retail apocalypse and opening 975 stores — here’s what it’s like to shop there

Dollar General is opening 975 stores this year while many other retailers close locations.
Whole Foods will deliver groceries to Amazon Prime Now shoppers on Thanksgiving Day.

Amazon is reportedly launching a new line of grocery stores in major US cities

Amazon is gearing up to launch a new line of supermarkets in large US cities as soon as this year, according to The Wall Street Journal.
Aldi is the winner when it comes to price in the grocery business.

RANKED: Here are the 13 grocery stores, from Aldi to Trader Joe’s, that are actually winning on price

Grocery chains such as Aldi, Trader Joe's, and Walmart are battling to win over budget shoppers.
Kroger has introduced Kroger Pay.

Kroger, the largest grocery chain in America, just revealed another tool in its quest to change grocery shopping as we know it

Kroger is introducing Kroger Pay, which allows customers to pay for groceries and earn rewards points on their smartphone.
Prices are fluctuating at Whole Foods.

Whole Foods is raising prices on some items and discontinuing others as it gets ravaged by rising costs

Whole Foods lowered prices after it was purchased by Amazon. Now it's raising some to partially offset rising transportation and packaging costs.
"Heaven has a wall, a gate and a strict immigration policy. Hell has open borders. Let that sink in," Mac's Weekly Quote reads.

A Christian grocery-store chain is polarizing shoppers with an ad that says ‘Heaven has a wall’ and ‘Hell has open borders’

Mac's Fresh Market, a Christian grocery-store chain, sparked controversy with an ad that touched on the immigration debate.