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Personal trainer Niko Algieri demonstrates one of the most common mistakes people make when squatting, and how to perform the movement correctly.

You’re probably squatting wrong, according to Ellie Goulding’s personal trainer

Most people don't turn their knees out enough and start with their feet too close together, according to celebrity personal trainer Niko Algieri.

I worked out at premium gyms around New York City without committing to expensive memberships — a new fitness app helped me do it on a tight bud...

With POPiN, you can skip the expensive gym passes or annual memberships, and work out on your own time. The fitness app changed how I value workouts.
Light weights are often incorporated into barre classes such as at Define.London.

Lifting heavy or light weights will give you different results — here’s how to know which ones to use

There are pros and cons to both lifting heavy for a small number of reps or doing high reps with light weights, but each method will produce different results.
Orangetheory Fitness is rapidly expanding across the world.

Why the world is obsessed with Orangetheory, the heart rate-monitoring workout that hit $1 billion in sales in a single year

You may have noticed bright orange workout studios popping up across the globe — and there's good reason why Orangetheory Fitness is taking the world by storm.

3 busy fitness instructors share the 15 products that make showering at the gym a breeze

No one has been in more gym showers and understands the struggle of transitioning from gym to regular life than fitness instructors.

Meet Bombas, the cult-favorite sock startup that has donated 8 million pairs to homeless shelters since launching in 2013

Bombas socks are extremely comfortable and benefit from two years of obsessive research and development. As a result, you can shop the basics that fix all the common annoyances: blister tabs, upgraded arch support, and calf socks that will never slip.
I (not pictured) first joined the gym when I was 33 years old.

I used to be intimidated by the gym. Here are the 7 things that helped me turn the gym into my happy place.

Going to the gym used to intimidate me, here's how I stopped feeling scared of the gym and started feeling more excited to go.

7 gym tools celebrity trainers use to train their high-profile clients — and they’re all surprisingly affordable

Not all of us can afford a personal trainer, but you can buy the surprisingly affordable tools those trainers use and try to replicate the results.

I tried the science-backed 7-minute fitness routine and was blown away by how well it works

Chris Jordan, the exercise physiologist who created the 7-minute workout, explains why it can help get your heart pumping and build muscle.

The best gym bags you can buy

You need a good gym bag to haul all your gear to the gym. These are the best gym bags you can buy.