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The Weather Channel was kicked off air on Thursday morning.

The Weather Channel was briefly kicked off air after getting hit with a ransomware attack

The Weather Channel was knocked off air after a software attack infected its computer system.
The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) transits the Pacific Ocean.

The US Navy and its partners are ‘under cyber siege’ from Chinese hackers and are hemorrhaging national security secrets

A internal Navy review reportedly says the situation is bad, but neither the service nor the Pentagon knows just how bad it actually is.
Servers at a data centre in Iceland.

One of the West’s biggest cybersecurity vulnerabilities is our idiotic habit of sending servers full of sensitive information to foreign countri...

Companies don't wipe their hardware when they replaced it, and our old confidential data ends up in Eastern Europe.

7 things you can hire a hacker to do and how much it will (generally) cost

You can hire a hacker to do everything from hijacking a corporate email account to draining millions of dollars from an online bank account.

The biggest Nintendo game of 2018 isn’t out yet, but the game has already leaked to pirates

Nintendo's biggest game of 2018, "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate," is set to launch on December 7. But software pirates already have the game.

Hackers stole the private messages of over 81,000 Facebook accounts

The used a sketchy browser extension to scrape the messages.

This $500 device wants to make it easy for you to ditch your Google or Yahoo email account and run your own, private email server

After multiple tech companies have recently reported security bugs or breaches, internet privacy and security are at the forefront of our concerns. Helm, a device that lets you operate an email server from your home, doesn't collect your information or share it with others.