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James Charles in the latest celebrity in a line of stars to voluntarily post their nude photos after being threatened by hackers

When James Charles was threatened with a nude photo leak by hackers, he posted it himself, and went viral. The act of defiance is becoming a trend.
A flaw in WhatsApp's system means that hackers could literally "put words in [someone's] mouth."

A security firm says it has discovered a flaw in WhatsApp that would allow hackers to alter your messages

WhatsApp attackers could literally 'put words in [someone's] mouth,' security firm Check Point Research said in a press release on Wednesday.

A massive breach exposed the data of over 100 million Capital One customers, and the only way to find out if you’ve been affected is to check yo...

In the aftermath of the massive Capital One data breach, the company is only informing affected customers via postal mail.

The ex-Amazon employee accused of hacking into the 5th-largest credit-card company in the US posted about it online, the FBI says

The FBI agent Joel Martini laid out evidence in the criminal complaint that he said was found on GitHub, Slack, Meetup, and Twitter.

Crypto-attacks are rising in Asia – and cybersecurity AI may be the best way to fight the threat: Darktrace

According to Darktrace, AI may be the answer to safeguarding blockchain resources and pinpointing crypto-jacking problems before they erupt.
A screenshot shows one of the now deleted tweets sent by hackers from the Metropolitan Police's account.

‘F— THE POLICE FREE DA GANG!!’: Hackers broke into the London police’s Twitter account and posted a series of strange and offe...

At around 11.15 p.m. local time (6.15 p.m. ET) messages started appearing on both the police force's Twitter account and its website.

Some Logitech wireless mice and keyboards are vulnerable to a significant security flaw that the company first fixed three years ago

The old flaw was patched when it was discovered, but older accessories still in packaging couldn't receive the patch, and they're still being sold.
Symantec found a flaw in messaging services WhatsApp and Telegram.

A security flaw found in WhatsApp and Telegram on Android lets hackers mess with your photos, payments, and voice notes

The issue relates to the way your phone automatically downloads files like photos or video from messaging apps.
7-Eleven Japan released a mobile payment app 7pay that had a security flaw for resetting passwords, and users lost a total of about $510,000.

7-Eleven Japan shut down a mobile payments app after only two days because hackers exploited a simple security flaw and customers lost over $500,000

The flaw, it seems, was that anybody could reset anybody else's password to 7pay, the 7-Eleven Japan mobile payments app.