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Don't miss out on major savings.

Target employees share the 7 biggest mistakes shoppers make at the retail chain

Target store employees interact with shoppers on a daily basis. They witness firsthand the mistakes that some customers make that waste time and rack up shopping bills.

Stop worrying about the period in your Gmail address — Google says it doesn’t matter

That means johnsmith@gmail.com and john.smith@gmail.com are the same email address.

Here’s how to get a ridiculously cheap flight if you don’t care where you’re going

There are a lot of great tools online to help you find ridiculously cheap flights. The best app I have found is Skyscanner, thanks to its "Everywhere" feature.
Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, reacts to a video at his keynote address at CES in Las Vegas

Nvidia is slipping after saying its chips are vulnerable to the biggest security flaw in recent memory

Nvidia said it indeed affected by the Spectre flaw that is rocking the tech world.

7 iPhone X power user tricks you need to know

From Animoji to the app switcher, here are some iPhone X tricks you should learn.

Someone deleted some code in a popular cryptocurrency wallet — and as much as $280 million in ether is locked up

The wallets affected are all "multi-sig" — the type of digital wallet used most often in initial coin offerings.

13 popular ‘life hacks’ that are actually bogus

DIY solutions to everyday problems are more popular than ever, but plenty of supposed life hacks are just a waste of time.

14 shopping secrets to save time and money at Trader Joe’s

Tips for shopping at the popular grocery store.

22 ways to make your life more luxurious without spending a fortune

Sometimes high-quality toilet paper and a soothing cup of tea can make you feel sufficiently pampered.

A ‘brilliant’ Chipotle hack has sparked a huge debate around the world

A strategy to make Chipotle more portable is causing controversy, as people accuse the inventor of making food service employees' lives more difficult.