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The Moroccanoil Treatment pictured above is our top anti-frizz product for dry and damaged hair.

The best anti-frizz products for every hair type

If your hair starts to frizz at the first mention of humidity or rain, you need the best anti-frizz products for your specific hair type.

The best hair dryers you can buy

Finding a hair dryer that fits your budget and needs can be a hair-raising situation. That's why we did the work to find the best hair dryers of 2019.

The best deep conditioning hair treatments you can buy

These are the best deep conditioners and hair treatments you can buy to make sure your hair is always silky smooth.

Sea salt spray is exactly the men’s hair product you’re looking for

Sea salt spray gives your hair texture without laying it down or making it sticky.

10 things every modern gentleman needs in his medicine cabinet

The essentials you never knew you needed, upgrades to current staples, and those little extras for special occasions.