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Halle Berry posted a video of her 6-year-old son walking around the house in high heels.

Halle Berry defended her son from critics who shamed him for wearing high heels, urging fans to ‘have some compassion’

Actress Halle Berry said she and her son, Maceo, were just having fun when they shared the video on Instagram.

11 times celebrities opened up about filming nude scenes

Not every actor is comfortable being naked on camera, but stars like Kate Winslet and Emilia Clarke, learned from their raw time on screen.
Both Emma Watson and Jennifer Aniston are happy just as they are — single.

17 celebrities who are happily single, thank you very much

Yes, Emma Watson, Jennifer Aniston, and Charlize Theron are all living their best single lives and don't need a man to complete them.
The actress recently showed off her hard-earned ab muscles on Instagram.

How to get Halle Berry’s 6-pack abs without spending 4 hours a day at the gym

A combination of good nutrition, circuit training, and patience can help women sculpt their cores at any age, but it's not easy.
Bar Malik, the athletic performance advisor for the New York Knicks, knows how to run a great workout.

Halle Berry’s trainer reveals 6 exercises you can do at home to sculpt your abs and entire body

The trainer demonstrated how a mat, foam roller, and resistance band can build muscles in your legs, butt, abs, back, and arms.
Halle Berry in 2014.

29 photos that show how Halle Berry’s style has changed over the years

Over the years, Halle Berry's fashion has pushed red-carpet boundaries, from barely-there sheer gowns to glamorous pantsuits.
Halle Berry doesn't eat many of these any more.

Everything Halle Berry eats and drinks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

She follows the keto diet, focusing on eating foods high in fat with plenty of protein, vegetables, and fruit.
Halle Berry showed off a new tattoo on Instagram.

Halle Berry showed off a giant back tattoo going all the way up her spine

The actress debuted a new vine-inspired design on Instagram, though it's unclear if it's a real or temporary tattoo.
Halle Berry proved that the "naked" dress trend is here to stay.

Halle Berry’s glamorous spin on the ‘naked’ dress trend has people calling her the best-dressed celebrity at the Golden Globes

Halle Berry wasn't the only one to wear to wear the trend on the carpet, as stars like Irina Shayk and Lili Reinhart also wore see-through gowns.

Jared Goff turned into a ‘giddy kid’ when he learned Halle Berry heard the Rams’ audible named in her honor

Quarterback Jared Goff called for an audible named for Halle Berry early in the first quarter of the Rams' win against the Seattle Seahawks Sunday.