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Zac Efron took his belt from the set of "Hairspray."

What 21 actors took from movie sets

From "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" to "Avengers" and "High School Musical," here's what stars took from the sets of their famous films.
Manny Gutierrez (Manny MUA) and Kimberly J. Brown.

Watch a beauty YouTuber give leading ‘Halloweentown’ actress Kimberly J. Brown a fall makeover

Manny Gutierrez and Kimberly J. Brown spent much of the video discussing the "Halloweentown" franchise, including what props she kept from the film.
Disney Channel has streamed a lot of family-friendly, scary movies.

Every Halloween-themed Disney Channel original movie, ranked by audiences

Viewers sang their praises for festive flicks like "Halloweentown" but gave spooky films like "Tower of Terror" poor reviews.
This Halloween classic came out over 20 years ago.

12 interesting things you didn’t know about ‘Halloweentown’

Disney's iconic Halloween movie has a lot of behind-the-scenes secrets, including alternate endings and bizarre filming moments.
The Piper family are witches and warlocks.

THEN AND NOW: Here’s what the ‘Halloweentown’ cast is up to 20 years later

The Disney Channel Original Movie "Halloweentown" premiered 20 years ago and was such a smash hit that it resulted in three more movies. People gather ever year in the town where the movie was filmed to celebrate the film.