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The roof garden design for the bunker turned hotel.

A former Nazi bunker in Germany is being turned into an upscale hotel with a 5-storey roof garden

The garden, which will sit atop what was once one of the Nazis' biggest fortresses, will feature a memorial centre for victims of the Third Reich.

These 10 cities are basically #wellness goals — with the world’s best gyms, longest vacations, and slimmest people

Believe it or not, Kuala Lumpur has the lowest density of fast food outlets to people among the world's major cities.
A disco boat on the Wandrahmsfleet in the Warehouse District of Hamburg, Germany at night.

This under-the-radar European city has been named the best in the world for a night out

It was named the most welcoming city to tourists, the best place to meet new people, and the easiest to get around on public transport.

1 dead, 4 injured in stabbing attack at German supermarket

Police in Hamburg said they arrested one man at the scene of the attack on Friday afternoon.

Here are the most dramatic photos of protests at the G20 summit in Hamburg

Cars were on fire, water cannon were deployed, and 75 police officers were injured.