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The magic ingredient in Silicon Valley’s favorite ‘bleeding’ veggie burger is under fire

The FDA has delayed its decision on the safety of heme, Impossible Burger's "magic" ingredient, until this month. Environmental activists have also taken issue with the burger because it is made using GMOs. But the science is clear: neither ingredient is unsafe to eat.

We tried the fancier, pricier burgers McDonald’s is betting on to boost its sales — here’s the verdict

McDonald's has a premium burger menu that's giving a boost to the chain's sales numbers. We decided to try the Signature Crafted burgers to see what the fuss is all about.
McDonald's fresh-beef Quarter Pounder

McDonald’s just made a massive change to its burgers — here’s the verdict

Here's how McDonald's new Quarter Pounder made with fresh beef matches up to the frozen-beef Quarter Pounder — and why the swap is a great idea.
McDonald's fresh-beef Quarter Pounder

McDonald’s reveals a behind-the-scenes look at how it makes its new fresh-beef burgers

Here's a step-by-step look at how McDonald's makes its new fresh-beef Quarter Pounders.
Wendy's has long served fresh-beef burgers.

Wendy’s slams McDonald’s as a new weapon emerges in the fast-food burger battles

Wendy's shot back after McDonald's announced it would be using fresh beef in some of its burgers.
McDonald's Big Mac

McDonald’s massive burger change won’t impact the Big Mac — and it reveals the fast-food giant’s biggest challenge

McDonald's is now serving burgers made with fresh beef. However, the Big Mac will not be affected by the change — and there's a clear reason why.
We got some Carl's Jr. classics: a Famous Star cheeseburger combo with fries, and a Western bacon cheeseburger.

This controversial burger chain revamped its raunchy image before embarking on a huge US expansion — here’s what it’s like to eat th...

Carl's Jr. — previously known for its controversial ad campaigns — just opened its first location in Manhattan. We decided to check it out.

Costco’s food court is testing a burger that’s been called a Shake Shack ripoff — here’s everything we know about it

Costco's food court is testing a new menu item that's being compared to Shake Shack's iconic burger. Here's what people who have tried the burger have to say.

In-N-Out just lost its title as America’s favorite burger chain

Five Guys has triumphed over In-N-Out in a battle of the burger brands.

We tried Wendy’s revamped new burgers, and McDonald’s should be worried

Think a bun is a bun is a bun? Think again – Wendy's has changed its bun recipe, and it signals a growing trend in the fast food industry.