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The best Hanukkah treat.

7 latke hacks that will take them to the next level this Hanukkah

To make your latkes even better this Hanukkah, try these seven hacks. You'll be the hit of your holiday celebrations.
It's the holiday season at Disney parks.

People are upset that Disney World’s Jewish holiday pop-up doesn’t serve kosher food or traditional Hanukkah favorites

Epcot has a new pop-up with "traditional Jewish dishes," but not everyone is happy with the menu's lack of Hanukkah foods and kosher certification.
What bottle of wine should you bring to a holiday party?

The best bottle of wine to bring to any holiday party, from Friendsgiving to your in-laws’ Christmas dinner

Bringing the right wine to a holiday party can be tricky. We talked to a sommelier for her best wine picks at three different price points.

Apple reportedly won the holidays yet again

If you got a new phone or tablet for the holidays, there's a good chance it was made by Apple, according to a new report.