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Traffic going towards London's Canary Wharf business district.

JPMorgan and Citi say just hundreds of jobs will leave London due to Brexit — not thousands

Executives from JPMorgan, Citi, and Barclays Ireland gave evidence to UK MPs on Tuesday about the impact of Brexit on their industry. All three said their banks expect just 150 roles to be moved out of London in the immediate aftermath of Brexit.

A no-deal Brexit could prevent disease control and leave hospitals with drugs shortages

The UK could be adversely affected by Brexit from "day one," according to a leaked letter from health chief Chris Hopson.Hopson, chief executive of NHS Providers, claimed that disease control could suffer and warned it would be harder for the UK to attract European workers.

The London Stock Exchange is triggering its no deal Brexit contingency plan

"The Group is executing contingency plans to maintain continuity of market function and customer service in the event of a hard Brexit," the exchange said in a statement.
The Range Rover Sport Dynamic, a Jaguar Land Rover car.

Jaguar Land Rover says 40,000 UK jobs and £80 billion of investment are threatened by a ‘bad Brexit’

Jaguar Land Rover is Britain's biggest car manufacturer and exporter. One in three cars sent overseas by the UK are Jaguars or Land Rovers and 80% of the 621,000 cars it sold in 2017 were sold internationally. 20% went to Europe.

A ‘hard Brexit’ could cost the EU £99 billion by 2020

The risk of a hard Brexit remains elevated.

A no-deal Brexit could cost the UK economy £105 billion

New research by the RAND Corporation estimates that a no-deal scenario could cost the UK $140 billion 10 years after Brexit.

A Hard Brexit could cost banks €15 billion in restructuring and execs are lobbying Brussels to stop it

A new report from lobbying group AFME says businesses will face huge funding disruption if there is a hard Brexit.

‘We are not turning inwards:’ Britain’s Chancellor undermines Theresa May’s ‘Hard Brexit’ vision in speech to the ...

Hammond said Britain must remain "open to the talent, the ideas and the capital that have driven the success of our economy."

Britain’s Chancellor is about to deliver a major hammer blow to May’s ‘Hard Brexit’ plan

EU says Britain can still cancel Brexit if it wants and MPs within May's Conservatives, as well as outsiders, are telling her to go for a 'Soft Brexit.'