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Fast food is fine in moderation.

I eat and review fast food for work, and here’s how I take care of my body

I eat and write about fast food, but it's actually not that hard for me to stay fit. Here's how I take care of my body.

There’s been a spate of seemingly suspicious tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic, but vacation deaths happen more than you think. Here̵...

U.S. tourists are more likely to die abroad from traffic accidents than mysterious murders, though vacationing is still a relatively safe experience.
Don't lie to your doctor. They're there to help.

13 lies you should never tell your doctor, according to 2 doctors

You might think that telling a little white lie to your doctor isn't that big of a deal, but it could impact the treatment and advice you receive.

14 ways to stay healthy if you’re constantly on the road for work

We spoke with experts as well as frequent travelers, who have managed to stay healthy despite year-round traveling and put together a cheat-sheet.
If you have halitosis, you might be surprised by the cause.

10 surprising things that give you bad breath

Halitosis is an unpleasant condition that we've all experienced. But it's not just the tuna sandwich or garlic bread you ate that's to blame.
The health benefits of orgasms are substantial.

12 unexpected health benefits of orgasms

Orgasms have some major health benefits. From a decrease in stress to a healthier heart, here's how orgasming is good for you.

Why birth control can make you gain weight

We spoke to experts to find out why birth control can make you gain weight, and why there's more to it than just hormones.

Malaysian woman says late nights and alcohol led to a stroke in her 20s, paralysing half of her face

Food "leaked" out of her mouth, she couldn't fully close one of her eyes, and she couldn't speak clearly.

I cut out sugar for a week — and it completely changed the way I think about my diet

It wasn't easy to avoid added sugar, because it's in everything good. Here's how I made it through a week of cutting out sugar from my diet. It taught me to assess which parts of my diet I can cut out sugar, and that everything is about balance.
An empty container sits on a shelf in Rainbow Grocery, where Live Water is sold.

Prices of dangerous ‘raw water’ are skyrocketing to $60 as Silicon Valley’s latest trend flies off the shelves

One store selling "raw water" increased the price of 2.5 gallons to $60.99 from $36.99 after a New York Times article on the bizarre trend.