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Complimenting your loved ones is a great way to boost their confidence.

53 compliments that have nothing to do with appearance

There are many ways you can compliment your friends, family, and co-workers without commenting on the way they look. Focus on their brains or bravery.
In various media reports, federal workers have said they are struggling to afford healthcare.

The government shutdown is forcing employees to ration and fundraise for medication, or put their health at risk

As the government shutdown wears on, some furloughed workers say they are struggling to afford their medical costs.

This natural supplement stops my bloating in its tracks and promotes gut health — it’s pretty tasty too

The Nue Co.'s Debloat Food + Prebiotic powder was designed to ease digestive issues, soothe bloating in the moment, and promote long-term gut health.
There's very limited evidence on breastfeeding and marijuana.

What every mom should know about using marijuana while breastfeeding

There's little research about how marijuana use during breastfeeding can affect a baby's health. Still, many experts say moms should avoid it.
David Renteln, the cofounder of Soylent, has a new startup that makes nicotine gum.

The man who helped found Silicon Valley cult-favorite Soylent has a new startup — and it’s aimed at smokers who want to quit

Called Lucy, the company is a product of esteemed startup hub Y Combinator and has $5 million in venture funds from backers like Refactor Capital and Greycroft.

Hemp and marijuana come from the same plant, but only one will get you high

Hemp and marijuana both come from the cannabis plant, but the similarities end there. Here's how hemp and marijuana differ, from psychoactive effects to uses.
Novartis executive Jay Bradner says that the company is developing drugs that could prevent cancer before patients get it — a forward-thinking approach that other drugmakers aren't taking.

A top Novartis executive says the $225 billion drug giant is planning for a ‘doomsday scenario’ in cancer treatment

Pharma giant Novartis is developing drugs that could prevent cancer before patients get it. One big question: how will we pay for them?
An abandoned measles ward on Ellis Island.

The dangerous measles outbreak near Portland, Oregon, is what happens when people refuse to vaccinate their kids

American scientists developed the first measles vaccine in 1963. The US had all but taken care of the deadly problem by 2000, but it's back.
Eating disorders, including bulimia and anorexia, affect 30 million people in the United States, according to the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA).

Eating disorder prevention could become a mandatory high school class. Here’s why I wish I’d had this course as a teen.

The Body Project, a program from the National Eating Disorder Association, aims to teach kids about body image and eating disorder issues.
Losing weight can be tough when you work all of the time.

10 weight-loss tips you can follow at the office

Losing weight can be hard, especially when you spend a ton of your time working. We rounded up some tips even the busiest person can follow.