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An ECG measures the electrical activity of the heart.

A Dominican Republic official said an American woman probably died ‘from the shock’ of seeing her fiancé dead. Here’s how that&...

A death at a Dominican Republic resort was attributed to shock, which is a real, though rarely fatal, condition also dubbed "broken heart syndrome."
After decades of progress, heart disease death rates have remained stagnant.

More middle-aged adults in the US are dying of heart disease after decades of lower risks: ‘Obesity is the new smoking’

Middle-aged Americans are more likely to die of heart disease now than they were in 2011, the Wall Street Journal reports.
Carnival Sunshine cruise ship, which nearly tipped over in October.

Carnival slammed with a lawsuit claiming the cruise line refused to let an elderly man off the ship after he suffered a heart attack. He later died.

If Carnival had let the 65-year-old off the ship, his family says, he could have survived. Instead, he sat for 21 hours in the ships infirmary.
A doctor holds an anatomical model of the human heart at the Heart Center in Dresden, Germany on November 29, 2018.

7 of the most dangerous things that put you at risk of a heart attack

Heart attacks send the body's most hard-working muscle into a potentially deadly tailspin. Keep your heart in working order with these tips.
Former first lady Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush blamed Trump for a heart attack during the 2016 Republican primaries

The former first lady Barbara Bush once blamed what she thought was a heart attack on President Donald Trump, according to a new book.

7 in 10 Singaporeans can’t tell when a heart attack is happening – because TV shows portray only the dramatic symptoms

Symptoms of a heart attack are not always as dramatic as TV shows and movies portray them to be.
Researchers concluded using the tobacco products could increase a person's risks for a variety of heart-related conditions.

Researchers just finished the largest study ever on e-cigarettes and stroke risk, and the results are alarming

A new study from the American Heart Association found that using e-cigarettes could increase a person's risk for stroke, heart disease, and heart attack.
A woman (not the one pictured) said she had a heart attack with no chest pain.

A nurse is warning women that their heart attacks may ‘feel different’ after she mistook one for ‘muscle strain’

On Twitter, a woman said what she thought was 'muscle strain' turned out to be a heart attack. In women, heart attacks don't always cause chest pain.
Michele De Leeuw

A nearly brain-dead woman who was taken off life support is almost fully recovered after four months

Michele De Leeuw, 57, was left nearly brain dead after suffering a heart attack at her Sterling Heights, Michigan, home in August.
Heart attacks in women can be a lot more subtle.

7 subtle signs of heart attacks in women

There are some signs of heart attacks, but they can differ depending on sex. Here are the signs of heart attacks in women.