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A woman reportedly died of a heart attack after her husband fell to his death from their HDB flat

The man's wife was carried out of her flat on a stretcher not long after he fell, witness says.
Doctors should consider alternative treatments to anticholinergic medications when possible.

There’s even more evidence that vitamin D supplements are probably a waste of your money, especially if you’re taking them to protect your...

The recent analysis of 21 studies found that people who were taking vitamin D supplements didn't have a decreased risk for heart disease or death.
Carnival Sunshine cruise ship, which nearly tipped over in October.

Carnival slammed with a lawsuit claiming the cruise line refused to let an elderly man off the ship after he suffered a heart attack. He later died.

If Carnival had let the 65-year-old off the ship, his family says, he could have survived. Instead, he sat for 21 hours in the ships infirmary.
An ECG measures the electrical activity of the heart.

A Dominican Republic official said an American woman probably died ‘from the shock’ of seeing her fiancé dead. Here’s how that&...

A death at a Dominican Republic resort was attributed to shock, which is a real, though rarely fatal, condition also dubbed "broken heart syndrome."
After decades of progress, heart disease death rates have remained stagnant.

More middle-aged adults in the US are dying of heart disease after decades of lower risks: ‘Obesity is the new smoking’

Middle-aged Americans are more likely to die of heart disease now than they were in 2011, the Wall Street Journal reports.
A doctor holds an anatomical model of the human heart at the Heart Center in Dresden, Germany on November 29, 2018.

7 of the most dangerous things that put you at risk of a heart attack

Heart attacks send the body's most hard-working muscle into a potentially deadly tailspin. Keep your heart in working order with these tips.
Former first lady Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush blamed Trump for a heart attack during the 2016 Republican primaries

The former first lady Barbara Bush once blamed what she thought was a heart attack on President Donald Trump, according to a new book.

7 in 10 Singaporeans can’t tell when a heart attack is happening – because TV shows portray only the dramatic symptoms

Symptoms of a heart attack are not always as dramatic as TV shows and movies portray them to be.
Researchers concluded using the tobacco products could increase a person's risks for a variety of heart-related conditions.

Researchers just finished the largest study ever on e-cigarettes and stroke risk, and the results are alarming

A new study from the American Heart Association found that using e-cigarettes could increase a person's risk for stroke, heart disease, and heart attack.
A woman (not the one pictured) said she had a heart attack with no chest pain.

A nurse is warning women that their heart attacks may ‘feel different’ after she mistook one for ‘muscle strain’

On Twitter, a woman said what she thought was 'muscle strain' turned out to be a heart attack. In women, heart attacks don't always cause chest pain.