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Joseph T. Rannazzisi

’60 Minutes’ just laid out the ugliest truth about the opioid crisis

There's a lot of talk, but no one in DC with any power is actually doing anything about the opioid crisis.
Protesters line up outside the Senate Finance Committee hearing room hours ahead of a hearing on the latest Republican effort to repeal Obamacare on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., September 25, 2017.

Now, can we try to fix the problem that could actually bring down the US healthcare system?

OPINION: Stop trying to repeal Obamacare and focus on bringing down costs to the overall system. Or else.

There’s only one deadly conspiracy Americans really need to think about

OPINION: The opioid crisis started in corporate boardrooms across America.

Things are finally really starting to hurt for the maker of EpiPen

Mylan increased the price of a lifesaving Epipen 50%.

Advisers are telling investors to go scorched earth on the company that makes EpiPen

Shareholder advocacy groups are telling Mylan investors to show no mercy with the board at an upcoming shareholder meeting.

Drugmaker Mylan accused of overcharging the US government by about $1.27 billion for EpiPens

Mylan has been in hot water for the price of its blockbuster EpiPen drug before, and it looks like things may get worse.

The Feds are reportedly about to nail a bunch of drug companies for price fixing

The Department of Justice started this price collusion investigation two years ago, and it includes over a dozen drug companies and dozens of drugs.

The maker of EpiPen won’t answer this yes or no question about its DOJ settlement

You'd be forgiven if you assumed that Mylan wasn't referring to the $465 million settlement amount when it said it had to finalize terms.

Blink, and you would’ve missed that another agency is investigating the maker of EpiPen

The company just list slid that little tidbit of info right on by us.