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Traders are piling into bitcoin as a haven against volatile markets. This researcher warns they could get burned.

Bitcoin is vulnerable to volatility expectations, short-term interest rates, and other risks to conventional investments, a new study finds.

Stock market hedging as we know it is broken — but there’s a new way to protect against a meltdown

BI PRIME: Hedging methods that have worked for years have broken down, leaving investors wondering how they can protect their gains from a market meltdown.

It’s still shockingly cheap to protect against big stock market losses — here’s how to do it

BI PRIME: The S&P 500 is coming off a sharp selloff, but downside hedges are still attractively priced for investors looking for protection.

JEFFERIES: There’s an unorthodox way for traders to protect against big stock market losses

BI Prime: The best way to protect against a stock market downturn may be to own a basket of "out of favor" commodity stocks, Jefferies says.

There’s a cheap way for traders to protect against tax reform failure

Goldman Sachs has an inexpensive strategy for hedging against tax reform failure, which is being heavily priced into Wall Street stock forecasts.

Traders were blindsided by Celgene’s massive earnings flop

Traders were woefully unhedged for Celgene's 20% stock drop following a disastrous earnings report that saw the company miss on sales and cut forward guidance.
Former Chancellor George Osborne.

The pound’s Brexit slump cost George Osborne’s family business £855,000

Osborne & Little made pre-tax profits of only £73,000 in the year to March due to the weak sterling-dollar exchange rate.

Tech stocks are scaring traders silly

Tech stocks are striking fear in traders, who are paying the most since the start of the bull market to hedge against declines.

Hedge funds are betting billions that a stock loved by millennials will plummet

Nvidia has been the best-performing stock in the S&P 500 since the election. While hedge funds are betting billions it will decline, millennials still love it.

The market is baiting copycats of the mystery trader called ’50 Cent’

Volatility is so subdued that VIX call contracts betting on a near-term increase are the cheapest since 2014.