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Former Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman is leaving the company’s board of directors

Meg Whitman all but created Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Now she's leaving it once and for all.

British tech billionaire Mike Lynch charged with fraud in the US over $11 billion Autonomy sale

The charges allege that Mike Lynch and Autonomy's former VP for finance, Stephen Chamberlain, inflated the firm's earnings from 2009 to 2011.

Nvidia’s behemoth 65-inch gaming monitors are a sight to behold

Who among us hasn't dreamed of playing PC games on a 65-inch, 4K/HDR-capable screen?

An Autonomy executive has been indicted on fraud charges connected with HP’s $11 billion acquisition

Even though HP, the company that bought Autonomy and later cried fraud no longer exists, the legal problems for one of the Autonomy's top execs continue.

Meg Whitman is reorganizing Hewlett Packard Enterprise, just 9 months after HP split in two

It's only been nine months since Hewlett-Packard split and the new company that spun off, HPE is going through yet another big change.

Hewlett-Packard just reported a miss on revenue and profit for its last earnings as a single, whole company

Hewlett-Packard split itself into two huge, Fortune 50 publicly traded companies on November 1. This is the final earnings report from the consolidated company.

Donald Trump tweetstorms at Carly Fiorina after she burns him on Facebook

Carly Fiorina's social-media note started by referencing last Tuesday's debate, in which Trump told her to stop interrupting the other candidates.

As HP splits, the two companies came up with a plan to share custody of the ‘shrines’ to its founders

The Palo Alto offices of William Hewlett and David Packard have been left untouched and enshrined for the past 20 years. Who gets them? Neither company.

HP sells its TippingPoint security business to Trend Micro for $300 million

Selling TippingPoint sort of makes sense and sort of doesn't, given that security is one of four big focus areas for HP.

The amazing life of Meg Whitman, one of the world’s most powerful women

Whitman has had a life and a career full of big deals, starting when she was an infant born with a birth defect.