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Memorial High School in Houston.

A high school canceled its spirit week after an unofficial ‘thug day’ was called out for having racist undertones

About 30 students at Memorial High School morphed a so-called “jersey day” into a “thug day,” in a move that people online called out earlier this week.
The promposal.

Students will reportedly face ‘severe consequences’ for a racist promposal sign

A promposal from Palos Verdes High School in California has gone viral because it is racist. The principal said he is looking into the situation.
Gina Warren with her graduation cap.

A teen is using her graduation cap to honor kids who have been killed in school shootings

Gina Warren is graduating on Sunday, and she’s using her big day to remind people of teens who couldn’t walk in their own commencement ceremonies.
Mason High School in Ohio.

A high school in Ohio says it’s doing away with valedictorians to make mental health a priority — and experts think its a game-changing po...

Mason High School in Ohio has stopped awarding students titles of valedictorian or salutatorian to reduce competition and improve mental health.
Pictured: Sugarfina Pop The Champagne Gift Set, $48

30 graduation gifts under $100 that the Class of 2019 will love

Regardless of their post-grad plans, congratulations are in order. There's something for everyone in the Class of 2019 in this under-$100 gift guide.
Jaylon McKenzie was a rising football star who had played for the NFL's 8th Grade All-American Game in Canton, Ohio, in August.

14-year-old star football player with NFL ambitions shot and killed at party

McKenzie dreamed of playing for the NFL. On Saturday, the boy from Illinois was shot dead.

A California student newspaper endured weeks of threats from the school’s administrators for writing about a student working in porn

Student journalists on the paper at a California high school published a profile on a student pursuing a career in adult entertainment.
The promposal sign.

A high school student has been banned from prom over a racist promposal sign

An Ohio teen was banned from prom over a racist promposal. It said, "If I was black I'd be picking cotton but I'm white so I'm picking u for prom."
Massachusetts high school teacher James Callahan's Gen Z dictionary.

A Massachusetts high school teacher keeps a spreadsheet of slang words so he can figure out what his students are saying

The list quickly went viral, with many lauding teacher James Callahan for making an effort to understand his students' slang.

I was bullied in high school, and I still bear the scars from it 40 years later

Author Laura McCamy shares how the bullying she experienced decades ago in high school still impacts her life.