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The teen was disqualified over her school-issued bathing suit.

A high school swimmer who was disqualified over a ‘suit wedgie’ had the decision overturned

A referee told a swimmer that her school-issued uniform was inappropriate. Now, the Alaska School Activities Association has overturned that decision.
Colorado Springs high school teacher participating in an active shooter simulation.

With school shootings an increasingly common fear, some students and teachers have started writing their own wills

Teachrs and students are statistically unlikely to find themselves hunted by a school shooter, but their perceived fear is still very real.

An Alabama school removed the doors from its bathroom stalls in order to keep teens from vaping

The drastic move comes in response to a sudden surge in vaping related illnesses, but parents worry it's an invasion of their children's privacy
Most teachers want to help students succeed.

Teachers reveal 7 things they wish they could tell students, but can’t

Most teachers want to help students succeed — and they wish they could tell students not to stress out too much over test scores.
BASIS charter schools dominated the list.

Here are the 15 public high schools in America with the best teachers

The rankings are based on factors like student and parent reviews, student-teacher ratio, and teacher tenure.

Your kid’s high school teacher likely spends hundreds of dollars on class supplies — here’s how you can help

High school teachers need help furnishing their classrooms. Parents can help by buying these affordable classroom supplies.
Substitute teachers are paid a median wage of $13.79 an hour.

7 surprising facts you never knew about substitute teachers

Some areas of the US are experiencing sub shortages, while others are overly reliant on long-term substitutes.

A Florida high school teacher and former US Marine has been put on leave after he allegedly said he could “rack up a 1,000-person body countR...

The former Marine reportedly joked that he would set up an IED, fire a gun, “wait for everyone to hide, then press and button and boom —everyone would die.”
Fayette County High School.

After a Georgia teenager reported a sexual assault to her school administrators, she says she was expelled for ‘sexual impropriety.’ Now ...

The teenager’s lawsuit agains the Fayette County Board of Education was filed by the National Women’s Law Center, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit.

The best kids’ lunch boxes you can buy

Here are the best kids' lunch boxes for every age. We looked at lunch boxes for preschool, elementary school, junior high, high school, and college.